How to Win an Argument with Your Doctor / Google


You may think me a push-over…

But i know how to win a fight with Google. Truth is, i’m willing to go to great pains to be armed with the certainty of being right.

Then i’m LETHAL!

In fact, this arguing “style” is how i get an advantage over mainstream traffic networks and what led to being hired by a dream client in a high risk category last year. We built an impressive campaign on Google Ads, doing things that most people in the industry say NOT to do.

This is the story of how i used the same method of winning an argument with my doctor to win an argument with Google–and how you can build lasting, resillient traffic for your marketing too.

In my last email, i mentioned having a painful recovery from surgery. 

I’m not exactly thrilled with the quality of medical care in Germany. For the last two years, i’ve been battling two different medical problems. Both started as minor issues, but over the course of treating them, the doctors CAUSED something worse.

Last year, i barely dodged a surgery to the face that would have left me disfigured…and this year, i’m still battling the possibility of a prostate surgery that could leave me infertile.

Medical training in Germany cautions doctors about “over prescribing” antibiotics for fear of antibiotic resistance–to the point that many will either not prescribe when needed or incorrectly prescribe with a dose too low or a course too short.

Case in point, my recent surgery.

It all started when my family went on vacation and i used the extra time to overwork to the point of exhaustion. Suddenly, i had an increased difficulty urinating.

Upon visiting a urologist, he treated the issue as prostatitis (prostate inflammation) caused by too much sitting and small amounts of “dust” being released from my kidneys. Notably, he did not test for bacterial prostatitis nor entertain the possibility.

Pretty soon, his “treatment” of this minor issue led to several visits to emergency, catheterisation, and ultimately bladder stones so large they required surgical removal.

Thus, to remove the stones blocking my wee, I was admitted into the hospital with an existing bacterial infection (caused by catheter), did the surgery while still infected, and returned to the ward for recovery where for 7 days, and without medication a nurse checked my temperature daily to see if i would develop a fever from sepsis. 

I was released, still unable to pee without the help of a tube through my belly.


Where the tube entered my belly, I had an infected surgical wound and was STILL not given a drop of antibiotic, despite asking the surgeon for it! I even returned to emergency some days later with fever and vomiting and was sent home with neither blood test nor medication.

Eventually, my urologist tested for infection, for which i was positive. He was “kind enough” to give me a brief course of antibiotics. 

However, upon completing the course, i asked to test if the infection had cleared which he refused. He brushed off my continued pain by saying, “Don’t worry the antibiotic works for three days after treatment.”

I appeared to give in.

In such a circumstance, i know many people who are willing to fight tooth and nail, even if they’re only 51% certain of being right–that is NOT me. And for this, you may mistake me for a push-over.

Here’s the thing… As a computer scientist, i enjoy precision.

I’d rather not fight for something and turn out to be wrong. It feels like mud on the face, you know? Everything you said during your fight, suddenly has no value, or in retrospect, is an overreaction.

Being armed with certainty is extremely important to me. Because when i have it, it becomes a potent weapon in my hands. I feel empowered to fight with all i got. 

And i ALWAYS win. 

Because right, is right!

No one reasonable can argue with wrong and win against right.

So when i was first approached by the client mentioned earlier, i told him we should set up his advertising funnel in a way both compliant (as in follows the rules to the letter) and transparent about any claims made. 

I argued that while this may seem like a lot of work, the wonderful thing about having a compliant site is that any results we attain are LASTING. 

Nothing is worse than building a business around a good result, expanding out, making new hires, moving into a fancy office location, expanding your lifestyle and financial commitments…only to have it all yanked from under you, overnight.

More importantly, it allows one to be on the “right side of right”, in case Google decides to disapprove our ads.

That is, if Google’s moody automated review system deems our ads somehow “wrong”, we can fight with the full confidence of knowing their system made a mistake, not us. And we can demand strongly that they perform a manual review and reapprove the ads.

If you’ve done any advertising with Google or Facebook, you know disapprovals are just part of the game. No matter how careful you are. But getting your ads reapproved after disapproval is not a luxury most advertisers enjoy.

Back to what i was saying about the urologist…

The moment i left his office, i vowed to independently prove that my troubles are caused primarily by untreated or mistreated bacterial infection. Meaning, he was wrong, and i was right–after which he’d have to be my bitch and do what i say.

No sooner did i get home, i searched online and found i could order a professional urine testing kit from Amazon. I ordered and waited eagerly.

Over the next week, i endured a great deal of pain, irritation, discomfort, sleepless nights, brain fog, lack of concentration, and moodiness. I could have easily called the urologist on his personal phone and asked to see him–he may have even run the test this time and treated the infection.

But i did not.

That’s how TWISTED your boy is.

I chose instead to find out for certain if it was me who was wrong, or he.

When the kit finally arrived, i did the test. And LO AND BEHOLD!

i still had an infection and he should NOT have discontinued treatment until it was eliminated–otherwise the bacteria that survived two weeks of pummelling by antibiotic are the ones that regenerate (ie, he would CAUSE resistant bacteria, the very thing he was trying to avoid).

Immediately, i called the doctor and asked to see him.

The difference now is i can confidently demand he test, treat, and test again and keep treating with antibiotics until the issue clears. He will never be able to brush me off by refusing to run a test, because i can always run my own.

If ever he tries one of his old excuses, i can point to the time he was wrong and i proved it.

This too is what happened with my client.

After we set up our Google Ads campaign and ran it, we had extremely promising results early on. We quickly scaled up and were spending around $500 per day and KILLING it with sales. We were about to double our budget, when all of a sudden…

Google disapproved the ads.

I was calm. I called and argued and demanded a manual review.

About a week later, they sent me an apology email and reapproved ALL the ads without change. You can look in my Facebook feed to see the email they sent me.

Not only that, but on the basis of THEIR apology, i fought any further ad disapprovals, again without changes to what was already working for us.

Could i have done that had the site been non-compliant? 

Had i broken their rules or violated their terms, what value would all my frustrated yelling have when they could come back and show me the places in my work i had ignored their terms and conditions?

This is my philosophy. 

You do things the right way so you’re on the right side of right. So no one can point at your flaw or mistake and make you look bad. This is your armour. Then you go and you beat the living heck out of anyone who tries to say you’re wrong.

This is how i do my advertising and why i’m able to run ads in some of the most notoriously difficult markets, and do things unheard of…

This is what YOU should do if you want to get serious traffic that scales uninterrupted. 

Build a marketing funnel that focuses on BOTH a) compliance with the rules, to the letter, and b) conversion. IN THAT ORDER.

In fact i built an 11 volume course detailing every single step of building such a funnel that can run on mainstream advertising platforms, that can scale uninterrupted, and that you can defend with complete confidence you are right and anyone who says otherwise is the one wrong.

Read more about this course and what it can do for you at the link below…

see you inside,


Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.


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