How to Re-Spark the Romance With Your Market

Do you HATE
the market you’re in?
I know the
in a HUGE niche like the “Internet Marketing/BizOp” niche. It’s easy to feel
small and insignificant.
I remember
feeling this way a few years ago, and I’ll tell you shortly how I handled it.
Bob is a friend of mine who’s going through a bit of a rough
That’s not his real name. It’s important to protect his identity in this story…
Bob is an
EXTREMELY gifted marketer and an incredibly genuine copywriter.
But over
the past year or so, he’s been depressed. Depressed to the point it’s honestly
quite worrying. He keeps talking about his own mortality.
To make matters
worse, Bob has suffered some serious health issues and loss of loved ones.
It seems
like everything he tries with his market just doesn’t do well any more.
And that’s
deflating to the ole ego, especially when you are selling yourself as an expert
on sales and marketing–it makes you begin to really question your abilities.
But take it from me, he is VERY good. His problem is not related to his skill at all.
Recently, he seems to
have tried to sell every offer under the sun. And no matter how amazing, no matter how brilliant the copy, he’s not happy
with response.
convinced his problem is the market.
And I get
The IM
crowd isn’t always fun to sell to.
for intelligent, ethical people, who aren’t prepared to compromise their
morality for a quick buck.
They take
pride in their work…and even if they see that the hype filled over the top
claims DO make money and attract raving fans, they can’t get themselves to do
the same.
It feels like selling out.
I know this
feeling, because a few years ago I went through the exact same thing.
Bob decided the best move was to change market and go after “real
business owners”.
And he told me as much.
Now this is a HUGE mistake i made too.
See, the problem is, when you change market, you are starting afresh.
What credibility and reputation you’ve spent years building up disappears into thin air and suddenly has NO relevance whatsoever.
The problem with “real business owners” is that they are even LESS educated about the
online marketing ways than the Internet Marketing crowd. And less willing to
accept them.
They expect
to be sold to differently.
They want to see your corporate headquarters, they
want to meet with your sales team. And they want to be wined and dined and
followed up with indefinitely to win their business.
I’m not
saying they’re bad…I’m just saying you need a different skillset to sell to
them is all.
On the
other hand, the Internet Marketing crowd does tend to include a lot of lazy, uneducated
newbies looking for a quick easy buck.
But it also
includes a reasonable group of people who have been in the market long enough
to recognize legitimate from fraud. People, just like YOU, who are
educated and are looking for advanced training and tools…
Beyond the
whole “bizop” business dreams in a box nonsense.
I eventually
realized all these things and went right back to my primary niche. The niche I knew
And when I learned
who I was, I learned to love my market.
And it paid
well…and I enjoy myself far better than ever.
So I passed on my experience to my friend.
You see,
you have to know what you are and what you are not…and accept it.
As a
specialist in copywriting, Bob is NOT a mass market man. His audience are internet
marketers who have been around at least long enough to understand the
importance of copywriting.
This market
is NOT the same, it’s not as responsive, and it’s not as big as the BizOp
people think they can buy a turnkey money-making system, and sit in their
underwear and watch the millions roll in.
That’s not his
And they
are not mine either.
We are specialized.
We sell skills to people who realize they need them.
And that
means we can sell for a HIGHER price point, refuse to offer guarantees, and be
completely ourselves without sugarcoating and sucking up to our customers.
Which is
WAY more fun.
But hey,
Bob still has a problem.
Why aren’t his
customers buying from his offers?
He doesn’t
love them. He’s burned out and he hates what he does. And that seeps through in
his marketing.
Also, and
more importantly, his list is stale and old. There’s no new blood coming in.
In fact,
eversince he lost his Adwords account along with thousands of other online
marketers a few years ago, he hasn’t really introduced any new people to his business.
And while
you can sell to the same audience MULTIPLE products for a REALLY long time, eventually all your products start to sound the same.
Even when they really are different.
Remember, Bob’s audience is small to begin with…and even fewer people can see the difference between his advanced and more advanced products.
But there’s an
EASY way to make your old products SEEM new and perform as good as they did when they launched.
Care to
guess how?
Get some new
blood into your list of course!
Your old
products are only old to people who’ve seen them before. But to new people,
even your oldest product is still fresh and exciting.
That’s what
I told Bob.
And it’s the
same thing I want to advise you, if you’re in the same boat.
If you’re
feeling burned out in your market, and you find they’re not buying as actively,
don’t switch markets. You’ve already built up a lot of knowledge about this
market…And that’s not something you should sacrifice with ease.
markets means starting over.
It’s easier to get some fresh blood to sell to.
And there’s no
better technique to introduce new blood to your old offers than Traffic
It’s an
instant way to get traffic. And it’s so much simpler than any Adwords techniques you’ve ever seen.
Check it
out here:

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