Make money blogging…
What hasn’t been said?
“How to make money blogging” has been done and redone, over and over again! So often in fact, there’s now just as much content on the web about how you CAN’T make money blogging.
If you look around, you’ll find ways to build traffic, build a list, do PPC, have a cool business, along with all the services we provide for you. We don’t tell you stuff that’s already been said by everybody else.
Except for today. This post about “how to make blog revenue” is a rehash of what’s already been said (over and over and over) across the web on the subject.
Here’s why it doesn’t matter.
Because WE’RE saying it.
Our voice.
Our audience.
Our credibility.
And THIS is something you may not have heard yet.
Now that we’re clear, let’s dive into the stuff that’s already been said which we say better!
And away we go…
What you’ll find here are 10 simple questions you MUST ask and answer before you can earn money with your blog:
1. Do you need a blog?
Silly question maybe but you must have a blog in order to earn revenue from it. So the short answer is yes.
Even if you don’t envision your blog as creating revenue, it’s a source of credibility for your target audience. The first thing your potential audience will do is check out your blog. It is a reflection of what you do and how you do it.
No website = no credibility = no business.
2. What are your business goals?
A blog isn’t a business.
Having clear written goals for your business will greatly improve the effectiveness of your blog. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what you do (for business), you’ll never know if your website is working.
Take some time to write out your main business goals. Then you’ll have a good picture about how your blog can be a vehicle to help you reach those goals.
3. What is your target audience’s biggest problem?
Hopefully your blog isn’t all about you. It’s supposed to be about your target audience; if you want to make money that is.
Your audience visits your site because they have a problem. Make sure to solve it for them.
4. Who’s going to write the content and take the photos for your blog?
You need content, and lots of it, to earn money from a blog.
5. How will your site be kept up-to-date?
Current and relevant content is key.
6. How do you drive traffic to your website?
Once your website is live, you’ll need to attract visitors to your blog.
One crucial source will be the search engines. While you are developing your blog you’ll need to perform keyword research and analysis to know what type of searches your prospects are doing on Google. Then work those keywords into the content on your web pages.
7. How do you keep in touch with visitors after they’ve left your blog?
As difficult as it is to get people to visit your site, it’s even harder to get them to return. Your goal is to get permission to stay in contact with them after they’ve left.
So you’re going to want to have some variety of “bait” to get people to subscribe to your email newsletter.
8. How will you get people to take action at your blog?
This is an important question given that the purpose of your blog is to turn visitors into leads and leads into revenue.
9. What should you expect to spend?
From blog design to PPC advertising, how much can you spend (i.e. what is your budget) for acquiring leads and customers?
10. How do you know if any of this is working?
We recommend Google Analytics.
With Google Analytics, you can track how much traffic your blog is getting, where it’s coming from, and if your visitors are taking the actions you want them to take while on your blog.
In Google Analytics you can set up goals. Goals allow you to know if people are…say…signing up for your email newsletter, filling out your contact form or buying. Then you can trackback and see where your most valuable traffic is coming from.

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