To know how to get offline clients, understand that your primary goal is to get a specific group of people to know that you have what they need or want. And then to create a relationship where they know, like and trust you.
You will find these six core steps –followed in order— make up a simple, effective and affordable approach for getting offline clients.

Determine what kind of work you want to do

What’s your offer?
Are you an online marketer offering consulting to offline businesses?
What will you do for them?
Will it be monthly marketing services such as setting up strategic web pages, writing follow up emails, social media management, Search Engine Optimisation, video?
Whatever it is, figure it out. Be crystal clear about what you offer.
TIP: Many time-consuming mistakes can be avoided if you start a business in a field you already know a lot about.
For example, if you’ve been a programmer for the past 20 years, then becoming a freelance programmer should be your first step when you “strike out on your own”.
If you’ve been an English teacher, then freelance writing is not a bad starting point for you.

Understand what type of customer you want

For example, you might want to work with a local brick and mortar business that already does some type of marketing (i.e. yellow pages, or TV, or radio, and/or newspaper ads) that you can meet with in-person. And they already have a website, and understand the importance of online marketing.
Narrowly define your ideal client. Be sure you create and communicate some key point of differentiation for your ideal client. Also, know who and what your competitors are doing.

Adopt and commit to a marketing strategy

All marketing decisions will be filtered through your overall marketing strategy. You have unlimited options.

  • It could be simple advertisements in community shops and advertising boards at your local coffee shop. This might include publishing articles in a local newspaper or business journal or specialized magazine.
  • Or a mix of mobile, social media, and search.
  • Attend your local chamber of commerce meetings and functions for local businesses. Attend relevant conferences within your industry, trade association meetings, and various clubs that attract business owners in your local area. Network!
  • Be a guest at local radio or TV programs.
  • Direct mail.
  • Approach businesses cold (not always very fun). One way to do that is with Google Maps. Try this: go to Google Maps. Pick an area to focus on. Click the option that says, “show search options” to the right of the Search Maps button, and change “All Results” to “Businesses” then click “Search Maps.” Google will then display results of the businesses in the area with their summary information plus location on the map.
  • Here’s a good way to break in a new pair of athletic shoes: place 15 classified ads per week, hang 25 pole signs per week, and pass out 1,000 business cards per day – 6 days a week. (Also not necessarily fun).

Create a web presence

One thing is for sure… Plenty of purchase decisions involve some amount of online research. So it makes sense that you must be found easily online. Or easily to engage and communicate with online.

Put together a lead generation system

Once you begin to generate leads, some portion of your leads may provide referrals. Build that process in automatically. You can amplify your lead generation efforts with paid advertising such as Google Adwords Express.

Create marketing momentum

A marketing calendar will ensure that you know exactly what to do, and remain consistent over the long term.
A calendar will help you focus on attaining daily marketing appointments, weekly action steps, and implementation of monthly projects and themes.

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