How To Get Leads For Your Business

Getting an endless supply of leads for your business is not as hard as you may think and there are various ways to go about the task. If you were to ask business owners who operated ‘pre-internet’ I am sure they would agree, that in today’s market place, where leads and sales can be generated almost in an instant, there is no reason for your business to be suffering from a lack of potential customers.

what is a lead anyway?

when you dangle your offer or product/service in-front of people, if they are interested they will raise their hand to say that they would like more info or that they would like to buy. This is usually by the potential customer giving you their contact details so you can follow up.

think of the golden gate bridge…

Millions upon millions of people charging across it to get to your store. This is a simulation of (pay per click) PPC marketing. It is hands down, the fastest way on the planet to generate new business. Never before has a business had the ability, at the exact second a user is looking for what it has to offer…
…to pop and say

“hey, I have what you are looking for, come and get it.”

but it’s easy to mess it up

While it is the fastest, it is also the hardest to learn. You should approach with extreme caution and start with a small budget and test your sales funnel to be sure it converts.

can you just shout about your thing on the social media platforms?

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are freekin awesome for your business.
But here is where most get it oh so wrong 🙁
It is NOT a direct ‘lead generation strategy’ – if you think it is, you will soon be seen as a spammer and in all fairness, a pain in the ass 😉
Sure, you can share your stuff there, like ‘how to’ type articles but it’s more for other people to share and pass your stuff around. If you get that right, and people share it, you will get a ton of hot, qualified leads which are as good as buyers…
More on that in a second…

but what about offline?

Even if your business is online, offline marketing is an awesome way to generate interest. I am a great fan of flyers. You can put a sexy offer on a flyer and straight into the hands or the homes of potential customers for VERY little money. Things that ‘engage’ work best, like questionaires, or offer summin for free, maybe a consultation, depending what your business offers, get creative.

cold calling and door to door?

ewwwwww, *shudders* 🙂
Sure it works, if you wanna do that, go for it. Its not for me!

TV and radio?

I have seen this method generate crazy amounts of interest and its cool if you have a massive budget.

you heard people did cool stuff with video and blogs too huh?

Yea, it’s another great way to generate audience to sell to. It’s a long term thing though but if you have the right type of business it can be a lot of fun.
Lets say you sell make up, you could build a YouTube channel around ‘how to’ do make up.
Lets say you sell holiday packages, you could have fun with blogging about cool holiday destinations.

do people really buy leads?

Yah. I have never done it and never will. How do you know what you are buying? They could be years old and spammed to hell with offer after offer. Lots of these ‘buy hot lead’ deals have only been enticed into the system with sparkly offers, like win a free tv or holiday etc. I’m not saying you cant make it work but in my experience (which is quite vast) it usually ends in a disaster 🙂

ok, the sharing thing…

This is awesome…
I know I shouldn’t but I’m gonna go ahead and presume your business offer or product/service is badass…
…and you have started to generate some happy customers, word of mouth and referral’s will kick in at some point.
Hell, you can even ask for referrals. You could even incentivise your customers by offering free gifts for introducing their friends and family.
But word of mouth is even better, we call it going viral.
When people WANT to share and will do it gladly, you CANT stop them from sharing, isnt that cool? 🙂

like my thai chilli crackers

I found these things in my local shop, they were cheaper, less calories and tasted better than the ones I liked before…
I wanted to tell everyone about them, why? I dont know, I just did 🙂

oh, you’re a network marketer?

Yes, leads are a little harder to come by. Seems like it’s easier to get blood from a stone right? PPC platforms don’t want your money and people, the whole industry is kinda on its knee’s right now and there is very little to zero creativity, everyone is pitching the same thing.
We can cure that for you inside the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy

a word to the wise

Before any marketing campaign, make sure your sales process is in good shape and test it converts before any big marketing happens.
ESPECIALLY if its paid marketing. Its easy to lose a ton of money…FAST!!!
Getting leads for your business is cool…
It means zip, zero, nada if they do not convert into sales

is there a better way?

You could always let us take care of your marketing for you
Why not partner with the experts here at YaghiLabs and never worry about getting leads again?
Imagine having us in your corner, your online business flooded with visitors and all you have to worry about is the product side of your business?
check out ‘The Everything Deal’
you will love it
lots of love,
ewan 😉

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