How To Get Clicks To PPC Campaigns

Getting clicks to your PPC campaigns is not difficult to do. All you need to do is choose some keywords, write an attractive ad and be willing to pay what the search engine asks to show your ad in a prime position.
However, getting clicks that lead to conversions and ultimately sales for your business will require complete sales funnel congruence.
By sales funnel I mean from keyword right through to completing the sale.
There are two different types of PPC marketing and you will have to tailor your ad and funnel to suit each.


This is where users go directly to somewhere like or and search for a term. They are generally looking for an answer.
For example, I may type in ‘how to improve my putting’ and I would expect to find information on my question. The first ad I’m gonna click on is the one that best answers my question. When writing your Ad, keep in mind you are answering a user question in real time.


The Google content network is where you would have this type. Facebook Ads is similar. Here you have to grab the attention of users who are looking at relevant content. They may be reading an article on golf and if you sell golf clubs, the platform may show your ad.

Keyword Research

They say it’s important to build your house on solid ground. Choosing correct keywords to show your ads on keeps your campaigns targeted. Making sure your ads only show for people who are likely to be interested in what you have leads to more clicks, less wasted money and more chance of sales.
A great tool to use is Google’s keyword tool external. If you sell ‘red high heels’, type that into the keyword tool. It will give you a list of similar keywords you may wish to target.

Targeting The Right Eyes

You will want to make sure you are targeting the correct type of people. Chances are you won’t want to target males if you are selling high heels. 🙂
You can specify who you want to see your ad using things like country, city, gender, age and interest.

Setting Your Bids

Set yourself a maximum daily budget. Also have a limit for what you are prepared to pay each time someone clicks your ad. You may want to start your campaign off with a slightly higher maximum click cost and bring it down as you improve your CTR (Click-Through-Rate). If your ad stops getting so many impressions, you will want to raise it back up a little.
here is an article detailing bid management

Writing Your Ad

How do you write a killer ad that makes people click on it?
For search, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the searcher. What are they looking for? Answer that question. Detail a benefit and include a call to action. They will click your ad. If it’s a Facebook ad, you can get a little more creative as you are tryin to grab attention.
The more your ad is clicked, the higher a CTR you will develop. This is one of the ways the PPC platform will deem how popular your ad is. If you give users what they want, you will be more popular and the platforms will want to show your ad as much as possible.
They also measure how many users click the back button once they land on your website so it’s also important to…

…Create A Great Landing Page

The destination of the user after they click the ad MUST deliver what the ad promised. If they’re not happy, they will simply push the back button and go onto the next search. The PPC platform knows this is happening and will start to deem your website non-relevant and will show it less. Meaning less clicks. You literally have seconds to engage them and keep them there so that you can…

…Sell Em Your Stuff

The PPC platforms don’t measure your sales so it doesn’t have a bearing on you getting more clicks. However this is where your revenue comes from so it’s important you get this bit right. You can have people clicking on your ads all day long but if they don’t convert to sales, it’s an extremely effective way to lose a lot of money…. fast!
If you really want to automate your web business, I suggest you check out what’s happening over at IBA, that’s our Internet Business Academy. It’s where great things happen 🙂
lots of love,

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