How To Eff Yourself Out Of $4,135

A subscriber sent me this sad story. Give me a minute though, before we get into it. I gotta get this important reminder off my chest about the looming deadline…

There’s ONLY 2 days left to be eligible to get FOR FREE:

(1) our new printed 380-page manual that complements the Business Command Center,

and (2) a brand new video presentation on how to send 50,000 emails per day, 14 emails/sec – at a cost of just $0.0001 per email!

Regarding the video tutorial (2), what i describe is by a far stretch THE cheapest, most robust wholesale pricing for email marketing i’ve ever found. Perfect if you’re a HIGH VOLUME sender or aspire to be one in the next 8-12 months with me. I walk you through every step of building a successful affiliate brand and i’m by your side every step of the way, one step at a time in printed text, on live meetings, and on social media.

Also, the first 62,000 emails you send every month are free forever (i mistakenly said it was 14,000 before, but i just checked it and it’s in fact 62,000). So if you have a small list of <=2,000 subscribers, you can email all of them, every day, all month long for free. Your emails will get delivered into inboxes not spam, and you can manage your own reputation and be the exclusive owner of your subscribers.

Keep this in mind…

The only reason more people in our industry aren’t using this method of email sending or talking about it, is it’s not easy to setup, requires knowledge of a linux operating system, email deliverability and authentication technologies, and cloud computing…and more importantly, MOST would fail the approval process.

In fact, a colleague of mine with a HUGE mailing list and an extremely popular brand was recently turned down (and i rightly predicted he would be) because he didn’t know the right information to put on his application.

With this video tutorial, i navigate you through exactly what to put on your application. It’s just a few items that make all the difference.

Also, i’m including an automatic installation script that magically configures your ENTIRE setup for you. With a few clicks and keystrokes, i’ll show you how to start it up, and you’re on your way to sending all the email you want without being tied down to any shitty, over-priced, over-restrictive, email marketing services.

Heck, being liberated from the “double opt-in” rules of commercial marketing systems, on its own, is worth doing this one-time setup.

I’ve searched high and low on all the clouds, including Google’s, Microsoft’s, and AliBaba’s NOT ONE offers a similar service nor a remotely competitive price.

This is the email marketing platform of choice that big tech companies are using and you can have all its power and glory at your fingertips, for mostly free.

Once our setup is done, you’ll be able to create your email autoresponder sequence and send regular broadcast emails, all from within your website dashboard, with just a few clicks, and know exactly how much money every email has made you!

Like i said, all of this, is just ONE of the two very sexy FREE bonuses i’m including in the package for active, paying, Super Traffic Machine subscribers just THIS MONTH.

Meaning, this is just the BRIBE to get you to consider the Super Traffic Machine series very, very seriously. If this is what i’m giving away for free as “extra” material, imagine what’s inside the CORE program?

Just imagine. Because this shitty little promo i did here, doesn’t even BEGIN to come close to describing the quality of this material and the care that goes into everything connected with it.

The deadline is approaching very fast.

To join and qualify for these bonuses, click the link below…


Back to the story–the subscriber writes to me:


“Hi Jim,

“Some time ago I signed up for a certification program to advance my career. The government was sponsoring it so I thought it’s free and that’s as far as I read.

“Problem is, there’s a condition that if I don’t pass the exam in a year’s time frame, I’d have to pay the full exam amount and the tuition fee to the institute through which the classes were being conducted. The total cost was $4135 and yes I did not clear the exam in one year.

“Long story short, I shot myself in the foot and had to pay FREAKING $4135 to the institute and I don’t have anyone to blame other than myself.

“I can’t stop myself from imagining how happy I’d have been now if I had those extra $4135 :(“


Yeeshzeeepers! That’s an awful mistake.

It’s a crappy “sales tactic” to be honest. Although i’m sure whoever thought of it was a marketer who was patting himself on the back for being so clever.

Trouble is, these tricks are common in the marketing world and they’re celebrated too.

Take a simple thing as domain registration for example. Most people buy their domains from GoDaddy or NameCheap because they’re …ermm…cheap. But they’re not. If you read the “fine print” you’ll notice they increase their prices on each renewal period.

And it’s not an accident. They know exactly what they’re doing and they’re intentionally deceiving people. They know you’re not gonna look past the cheap entry price and by next year when the autorenew hits, you won’t even remember what you agreed to.

Same with webhosting. You’d think that $3.95/month offer from Bluehost with free domain and free SSL is an obvious no-brainer…

… but wait till you realize the bandwidth and storage size you get with it does not meet the demands of even a most basic website and you’ll have to pay unrealistically higher prices for increased limits. And oh, you only get this “monthly” rate if you commit to a 3-5 year upfront payment. Which they also KNOW you’re not going to finish to the end of term.

Problem is, you take on these costs when you’re building your online business and they’re always so “little”–but they stack up, eating away at your resources and taking them away from the activities you really NEED to be investing as much money as you can spare into…like advertising.

Which, btw, is a better place to spend your money than on than a coach, or a mentor (including me), or a web service–it’ll give you REAL WORLD, get your ELBOWS dirty, in the mud PERSONALISED experience, for which there is NO substitute.

Or you could be using it to hire some help and learn the real skills every entrepreneur needs–how to find and keep talent and get the most out of it and get more work done on the backs of others–so you can work on the things that really matter and no one but you can do.

Which is why, the first thing we do in the Super Traffic Machine’s first module is to help you plan a realistic budget for your online business and to run some figures to strategically figure out what you need to sell and for what price to meet your targets.

Broke affiliate marketers are broke because they’re spending their money and time on the wrong things and working without a strategy.

That’s just a small part of what’s in Module 1. Our students, some of them even EXPERIENCED affiliate marketers–this is their favourite module in the entire curriculum. It helps them get clarity on their business’ direction and get organised about their goals. Each module takes on a new issue, and all the modules perfectly connect together to build all 8 required components of a successful affiliate marketing engine that pumps traffic and turns it into money and pumps it again to make more on every cycle.

You can read about the program below…

And as i mentioned at the start, the bonuses are ONLY available to subscribers who are active when i release the video and the new manual in TWO days. (If you’re already subscribed, thank you, you’ll get everything automatically and i require no action from you–if you’re not, you’d be crazy to turn this down–see you inside!).


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