How To DELIGHT Your Customers Without Giving a Toss About Marketing

People expect i have some voodoo Google ads tricks i don’t want to share…

This is true, but only sometimes.

They’re disappointed i don’t teach intricately complex tricks around campaign setup, detailed breakdown of ad psychology, targeting techniques, and an obsession with reports and analytics.

While i can teach you all that stuff, it goes entirely against my traffic management philosophy.

First, i’m not training traffic managers.

Yes, “I” do traffic management work, but my training products aren’t designed for career traffic managers. They’re geared towards entrepreneurs–people with an idea for a product or service, looking for a way to sell it to customers.

Traffic is just a means to an end for them. They need just enough traffic knowledge to sell their products profitably and consistently.

Second, i don’t actually do voodoo to get traffic, even for myself and for clients. My approach is a very simple one because I believe being able to CONVERT your traffic matters more than fine-tuning your ad campaign to oblivion.

If you convert the traffic you get, you can buy all the traffic you want and you genuinely don’t care how much a customer costs to acquire because you’re making 100’s of times your spend in average lifetime value.

In reality, most people, all they need is a basic understanding of campaign settings, writing clear ads, the available targeting options, and some troubleshooting know-how. Anything more than that is just overkill and too much nitty gritty.

As a business owner, your time is better used working ON your business and making money from your traffic.

I’m talking about improving the entire user experience so they respond to your front and backend offers without friction. That’s where the real money is. Not in hammering your traffic campaigns to death trying to squeeze out a few extra cents.

And i like this approach.

The biggest advantage and the only reason i pay for traffic is so i don’t have to worry about it. As long as the credit card on file has funds, the traffic i ask for flows, my site converts it to leads, and my emails convert leads to buyers. Of all the many many things i have to think about and all the fires i have to put out, this is one less headache.

When i need more traffic, i raise my budget.

Rarely do i need to do more than a minor tweak here and there.

My time is better spent planning, producing, supporting, and improving products and customer experiences.

i’ve heard Elon Musk say something along these lines too. When asked about the secret to success, he always answers, “To have a really great product.”

Jeff Bezos too had/has an empty chair to represent his customer, as a reminder that (a) the customer is KING and (b) that the customer has no voice but needs to be heard.

When your product is fantastic, it creates a positive experience for your customers. Then THEY sell it for you.

Having your customers spread the word will easily trump any benefit you can get from optimising even a somewhat minimally functional marketing campaign.

When everyone’s talking about your product of their own will, you don’t need to work anywhere near as hard on marketing.

Something many “top” marketers fail to understand.

This is why i approach traffic generation and marketing in this passive way–i have the basics, nothing stellar. Any amateur copywriter will find many “flaws” in my sales presentations and marketing process. And I’m probably not the guy to learn from if you’re looking for the voodoo marketing super secret mind control tricks.

But i take pride in my products and spend most of my energy in making them as useful and delightful as i can.

I could tell you how wonderful the Super Traffic Machine program is. I could go on about how many modules or pages it is and how it’s all structured in such a wonderful way…

But nothing i say with words will ever convey to you the feeling and experience of delight you’ll feel when you unwrap the course from its box, when you assemble the bits and pieces together, when you print your stationary, when you follow through the program and accomplish little victories (like your first functioning sales presentation or your first “bonus” product-glue).

Furthermore, Super Traffic Machine frees your time by helping you assemble a nearly “Set and Forget” advertising campaign, with a budget that won’t break the bank, while you simultaneously build a better business..

And i have to tell you, while both are fun, it’s more fulfilling to make killer products than to make killer marketing.

Read more about the program and let us know where to ship your first module at the link below:

Plus, join before the end of the month, and i’ll send you an extra special surprise in the mail–the new book i’m working on and shipping early next month.

It’s the highlights from the Business Command Center–run professional marketing and business infrastructure for free for 12 months in the cloud, and an almost negligible cost thereafter.

Plus, a special video training i’m doing just this month on setting up the cheapest (but best) email marketing in the world when you’ve got more than 1,000 subscribers and no longer qualify for the free sending service.

One LAST thing…

i dont know if you missed this, but a few days ago, i invited you to join us in our private Super Traffic Machine Facebook group. I’m posting daily videos with lots of cool business ideas and thoughts, answering questions, personally helping people out, supporting customers, and so on.

Simply visit the link below and request to join. Answer the challenge question by letting me know the subject line of this email, and i’ll let you in.

Join at the link below….


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