How To Create a PERFECT Buying Experience (& win the sale every time)

Yo yo!
It’s time we address
the pink elephant in the room.
1-day left till we
open our Traffic Coaching program for enrolment. So let’s talk about the
copydogging thang.
I’m not talking about
the reputation-killing-intellectual-property-theft so rampant in our industry.
I’m talking about the CLONE
businesses and products we see everywhere now.
My recent apartment
hunt reminded me of the state of online marketing lately.
A little background…
The population of the
Emirates, where we recently moved our company headquarters, is mainly
Expatriates (foreigners, aliens).
Something like 96% of
the population is people residing in the Emirates on Work or Investor Visas.
Because of this,
rental property is BIG BUSINESS.
So a few years back,
as the city of Dubai expanded, a handful of investors put together enormous
building projects.
High-rise apartment towers
were erected with as many as 1000 units each.
One set of investors would
often erect an entire city with EXACTLY the same building and apartment
The city we chose to
make home is called Discovery Gardens.
Here alone, I estimate
50,000 – 100,000 EXACTLY identical apartments.
There are a FEW subtle
differences. Some vary slightly in size, others have balconies, but otherwise
they’re pretty much the same.
Now what’s interesting
is that nearly all apartments have been sold to expatriates who now rent them
out to other expatriates.
A single apartment is
worth roughly 1.5 mil.
Rent ranges between
58,000 – 90,000 a year.
This wide range in
price doesn’t seem to make sense at first. Because if you’ve seen one apartment,
you’ve seen them all.
As is the case with
most business amateurs, they think the product’s merits are what sells it. Even
though every landlord has the same product as the next.
What made me laugh was
to see any two apartments that were EXACTLY identical having remarkably
different rent.
For example, if one landlord
decided to furnish the rental property, and their furniture was “nicer” in
their opinion than another, they would ask for a significantly higher price.
But if you went to
view a home while on your hunt, the agent would literally say, “So you’ve seen
other places in Discovery Gardens? It’s pretty standard.”
And they would even
try to not show the place!
When they did, it seemed
just a boring routine to them.
But last night we
chose one apartment that we believed to be unique from the others.
The difference was not
really in the apartment itself…like I said, they’re pretty much all the same.
When furnished, they
all had the same stuff.
So why this place?
The AGENT made all the
First, when he spoke
to us on the phone, he said, “This place is very SPECIAL. You MUST see it to
understand what I mean.”
Although we are
currently staying in a temporary home in the same area, he had us wait a good
two hours before we could see it.
When we got there, we
walked into a dimmed, candle-lit apartment. Candles lit the entrance and led
into the living area.
EVERYTHING about the
presentation was different.
He set the mood with
his words as he spoke in a soothing voice and gave us a tour of the place.
My favourite feature
was the GIANT 3D Samsung Smart TV in the living room.
But he he broke down
every piece of furniture to explain why it was special.
He said the home belonged
to a lady who furnished for herself and lived there for 4 years.
He explained the care
with which each piece of furniture was chosen.
He showed us the
bathrooms and had us linger in each space to take it in, one part at a time.
He had us sit on the
couch to experience it as our own home.
And he had these
subtle little touches…flowers, coffee cups, bottles of water in the
water-stands, and so on to create a buying experience.
We felt like we walked
into OUR home.
All the same, I wasn’t
THAT impressed because I have an insane ability to see through the sales and
marketing and evaluate REAL value.
But he did not even
speak to me.
He spoke to my WIFE.
Because he KNEW she
would be the one influencing the decision…and he had the entire thing rigged
for HER.
I have to tell you, I
was impressed with HIM as a sales man, more than the property.
So I asked the price
eventually…and I was surprised that he did NOT ask for the sun & moon.
It was actually a
LITTLE higher than the average price in the area.
I made the decision on
the spot.
My wife was overjoyed!
But he was not done
He invited us back to
their office…which btw turned out to be a LONG way away, but a very nice place.
He had his assistant escort us to the bank to withdraw the deposit and he rode
with us to show the way.
They got us to commit
immediately with cash.
And after having met
the landlady at the office, I realized she had ONLY just vacated the premises
This guy had literally
gone in intending to make the sale within the FIRST viewing. He wasn’t pushy,
but he was confident we’d take it.
As it turned out, the
agent was the GENERAL MANAGER of the agency and he knew exactly what he was
doing. From the presentation to the price, it was engineered to sell on first
And while he could
have asked for more rent…he knew that would kill the only advantage he had.
The furniture did not
really increase the VALUE of the home…all it did was make the sale a “sure
All the other homes
were the same – the buying experience was the only thing that was different.
Now with online
marketing, I see a lot of people selling affiliate products that are shared by
1000’s of affiliates.
And network marketers,
selling a network marketing opportunity that is shared with 1000’s of
When they talk about
their product, all they talk about IS the product.
But that’s not smart.
Because EVERY other
affiliate and distributor is marketing the same benefits. There is NO REAL
difference between their products beyond that.
A smart affiliate or
network marketer would make buying from THEM the obvious choice.
Just like with the
agent who created a unique buying experience – I granted him the sale because I
admired his effort, care, and creativity.
In the end, this is
what is going to make the difference between one affiliate of the same program
and another.
One affiliate makes a
genuine effort to set HIMSELF apart with his own unique value – while another
affiliate will just do the standard sale. Assuming his product will sell itself
by its merits alone.
It won’t.
And I think this is
the greatest issue I see with marketers trying to make big incomes online.
They have nothing
unique to say…and their prospects, who have probably been exploring the same
product being sold by 1000’s of other affiliates and distributors, they see no
reason to grant their money to one affiliate over the other.
After years of trying
to show marketers who to create a unique online presence…I found myself
Because on a standard
consultation, I only had 2 hours with them to get this idea across.
And although we’ve
made progress with many of our clients, they “get it” on the consultation…but
as soon as they’re left to work on their own, they turn whatever unique angle
we give them into another “standard affiliate blog”.
So I realized there
was a real need for MORE TIME with you.
Enter Done WITH You
Traffic Coaching….

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Problem solved.
So use the link below
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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.


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