How To Create a Good PPC Landing Page – That Also Gets Money

I’ve been experimenting with a new landing page technique (see example here).
We’ve done split-tests with COLD PPC Traffic and it has CREAMED every other split-test we’ve done.
My friend Ben Settle coined the term Time Continuum Landing Page because of how it works.
Time Continuum headlines are really hard for me to explain – let alone teach. But they’re one of the best discoveries i’ve ever made. So here’s my best attempt at it – ok?

My Best Attempt At Explaining The PPC Landing Page Method

I was given this advice years ago (and it’s mostly what inspired this method):

“Take them just BEYOND the landing page”.

You must have a vivid picture of what that “glimpse”  you give is. How else would you be able to describe it?
So, do this…
Picture Carol. She’s a 36 year old woman frustrated that she doesn’t have enough traffic and her last commission was weeks ago.
Now imagine she just finished submitting her email at your website.
Look at her face.
What are Carol’s emotions?
Why is she excited?
What can’t she wait to hear?
Is she excited – REALLY, really excited?
Turn it up a few notches. Pump her up with excitement and anticipation. She’s smiling, leaning forward, her pupils are dilated. She’s found the answer, FINALLY.
Try to visualise her face again.
NOW we’re talking. She BELIEVES that she will discover something honestly quite revolutionary.
She wants it RIGHT NOW, she can’t wait.
She doesn’t want to MISS OUT.
She is filled with EXPECTATION and is now racing to check the email you sent her.
Isn’t this what you want?

Here’s what made Carol give her email:

Now write your headline using the following guidelines.

To make it IMMEDIATE…

use words like:
On the next page is
Next, you’ll get
You’re seconds away from
This is the easy way – but there are also ways to create the feeling of immediacy without being so didactic about it.
Most people fall into the trap of using the word “instant”. The problem is that it’s just a word. A good landing page headline will create the feel of instantaneousness without saying it.
See this two examples:

  1. “If you give me your shoes, they will instantly be polished!”
  2. “Place your shoes on the moving belt – the machine returns them clean, shining, and bright.”

Which one makes you believe the immediacy more, 1 or 2?
If you chose 2, then we’re in agreement.

To make it CURRENT…

use words like:
…right now…
…at this very moment…
Also be sure to replace ALL your verbs with “-ing” and present-tense forms (eg, play-ing, listen-ing, learn-ing – or – launches, starts, plays, opens).
Here’s an important pointer. Avoid using the words “WILL“, and “CAN” and any conditionals like if.  They suggest that what you’re saying will happen in the future – which is too far.
Future is an uncertainty for most people. It’s less believable. The only thing that matters to this prospect is what they will get right now.

To make it EXPECTATION-al (!?)…

you need to make vivid what will happen immediately after submitting.
A lot of emphasis is placed on calls to action which use an imperative verb. Like “Watch”, “Play”, and “Download”. Imperatives are ok, but you really want to make them have a very vivid image of themselves getting what they want.
See these examples:

  1.  To get my free PDF, write your email below. (this is ok)
  2. Fill the form to start reading the document (better)
  3. Fill the form below, it launches the document that will make you skinny again. (much better!)

or how about…

  1. Fill out the form to watch my free video (not bad…but…)
  2. Write your email to Start watching me do cartwheels (wayyy more enticing!)


To make it BELIEVABLE,

Ok, everything we just talked about up to this point makes your landing page authentic.
Of course belief begins with a factual statement about something the prospect desires.
People believe anything they want to be true – as long as it’s happening right now.
it’s verifiable!
Something that happened yesterday may not have really happened. History is always messed with.
Something that MAY happen in the future, MAY also NOT happen.
That leaves the PRESENT. Something that is happening right now, you can check if it’s true or not by giving it a quick glance or a moment of your time.

Time Continuum landing pages don’t put your prospect OUTSIDE a closed door.

They put the prospect in the doorway with a foot inside and a bouncer in the way :).

Landing Page Learning Doesn’t End Here

We’re helping hundreds of entrepreneurs to seduce customers into their websites. For much more insight into building landing pages that convert cold traffic check the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy below:

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Jim Yaghi

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