Before an auto mechanic begins to repair your car, he or she is equipped with the necessary training AND uses a set of custom tools to complete the job. These tools are specifically designed for the task at hand. PPC marketing works in much the same way. By understanding the basic mechanics, and by using proprietary Internet-based resources, your online marketing engine will run smoothly and efficiently.
Keyword spying tools are a great example of readily available custom tools and all work in much the same way. They assist you in locating specific keyword ads (which match your product) then determine how popular the related keywords are. The keywords are then extracted. This provides you with a list of the profitable keywords and other data needed to drive targeted traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales of your product or service.

Staying on the Keyword Spying Track

Keyword spy tracking programs are Internet-based campaign monitoring platforms (no need to download anything to your PC or MAC) providing real-time tracking of online ad campaigns. These campaigns are based on targeted keywords, individual search engines and regional demographics.
A PPC ad that appeals to someone in England may not resonate with someone in the United States and vice versa. Tracking programs can be “tweaked” to match your needs and to provide the specific data you require.

“…but what other data can be extracted by using these tools, and how does that happen?”…glad you asked!

Supercharged Analytics and Metrics

Exact ad copy, new keywords and new competitors, landing page urls, keyword and ad positioning over a set period of time, cost per click and bid values, side-by-side campaign strategy comparisons, alternate keyword suggestions, and notifications about changes in your niche market is more of the important data that can be mined.
Massive amounts of time and labor would be needed to gather all this data manually. Keyword spy tools automate the entire process by utilizing competitive intelligence.

HitWise and ComScore

HitWise ( and ComScore ( are primary competitive intelligence providers but they use two very different methods of data collection.
Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide have brokered a deal with HitWise and have agreed to share the anonymous Internet data collected on their various ISP networks for the purpose of data analysis. This information is then combined with a global opt-in panel for gathering information based on lifestyle and regional demographics.
ComScore have built their own group of opt-in panel members. These people have agreed to be monitored as they navigate the worldwide web. In exchange, they receive free Internet data use, online virus protection and a variety of sweepstake prizes. This is a similar model to various TV rating systems used around the world.

Engine Performance Report

There’s a great saying that goes, “you should spend 50 percent of your time studying your competition and 50 percent of your time trying to beat them.” The same rule applies in PPC marketing.
A keyword spy tool is an advanced keyword research tool that tells you what keywords your competitors are using in their PPC advertising (e.g. Google AdWords). This data, along with all the other information you can extract using these tools, can provide a solid foundation for your own successful PPC campaigns.

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