How Do I Make My Referral Link Viral?

Creating a viral anything is no easy matter.
At the end of the day, a viral piece of content that contains your referral link is still content that forces its viewers to want to share it – regardless of whether your referral link is embedded somewhere in the content or not.
So let’s focus on the vital aspects of your content. You can place your referral link anywhere within your content. I recommend once at the beginning; once somewhere in the middle and again at the end. Perhaps as a call to action like we do here at Yaghi Labs.
When enough people share your content with their friends, and their friends with theirs, it becomes like a viral infection that spreads until saturation.
Opinions on what makes content go viral vary. But it does suffice to say, it all begins with creating entertaining or remarkably unique content.
Entertaining and/or remarkably unique content is the mandatory first step toward increasing the amount of inbound links, traffic, and awareness, which are the pillars that create the necessary velocity needed for content to go viral.

How To Create Remarkable (Viral-Worthy) Content

For starters, the ultimate goal is that you want to be linkable!
And for that to happen, your content should be useful, contain a magnetic headline, and be properly packaged so that it’s easy to navigate.
These things will help to create traffic, and traffic is essential if you want your content to go viral, and people click on your referral link.
First, here are the required elements of linkable content.
I’ll refer you to an exercise that will help lift and propel your content so that it can go viral.

But it all starts with the content, and this list can be used as your checklist.

Headline – A strong headline that is capable of capturing the readers’ attention is the first vital aspect of a highly linkable content.
Information – The quality of the information is exceptional as a finished product.
Visuals – There is something visually enticing to readers that force them to delve more into the content whether through the images, layout of the content or an info graphic used within the page.
Unexpected hook – This is usually what triggers readers to share or link to the content because of its unexpected approach, may be through its comprehensiveness, uniqueness or informativeness.
See this lesson here for more information on unexpected hooks.

Great Hooks Trigger Viral Content

I mentioned “unexpected hook” as the usual suspect for triggering viral content. Here are the most common approaches for hooks.
Informational hooks – Provide information that a reader may find very useful. This might include some rare tips and tricks or any personal experience through which readers can benefit.
News hookssee this example here and the lesson about how to make content go viral.
Humor hooks – Tell a funny story or a joke. Include a bizarre picture.
“Evil” hooks – Saying something unpopular. Write something unappealing about a product.
Tool hooks – Create some sort of tool that is useful.
Widget hooks – Create a badge can be placed or embedded on other websites, with a link included.

Don’t Forget Referrals

Referrals in any kind of business can generate a huge increase of traffic (and therefore income). Viral referrals are simply another channel to market your content.
You can make a referral link viral by getting word of mouth referrals using one of the best viral marketing techniques out there today, referral scripts. A referral script can be a simple “Tell a Friend” link in your blog post, article, e-mail, newsletter, etc.

How To Make ANY Content Viral

Chapter 7 (Advertising, Traffic, and Promotion) of the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy gets into many details about how to make ANY content viral so you can profit, and gain readers at your website without advertising.
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