Hollywood Blogger Party

Two weeks ago I got to see for myself just how amazing social media can be if you do it right.
I was invited to a party that a new friend of mine had at her apartment which is spitting distance to Hollywood. I first learned about this girl when I listened to a podcast series she did with comedian Jordan Rubin. Immediately I added her on twitter and then followed her blog on tumblr.
Her name is Molly McAleer but she is better known as Molls of Mollsshewrote.com.
Molls is a phenomenal blogger. She started off work with a site called Gawker.com which allowed her to grow her online presence by posting videos on various activities to do in Los Angeles and the Hollywood area.
She’s a genius at leveraging social media. What I’ve noticed about all that she’s put online is that there’s honestly nothing super fancy to it. She’s not using cute graphics and epic soundtracks. She makes her videos using her laptop’s built-in camera and she doesn’t read from any scripts.
After drinking two cups of wine at her party, I looked around and realized that I recognized several of her guests. Some of them I added on twitter and the others I recognized from their tumblr blogs. What really surprised me was that some of the girls knew me by my twitter name and just that detail alone made me feel like a part of the whole thing. I loved not feeling like an outsider even though I showed up on my own and was meeting many people for the first time.
I once heard a friend make the snarky remark, “People still use Twitter?” I was instantly annoyed at hearing this because he had no idea how many new friends I was making just by connecting with them on twitter, exchanging a few jokes and @replies, and finally connecting with them at events in Los Angeles. Isn’t that what marketers were trying to do in the first place with social media?  The bloggers are seeing great success with this, so why aren’t they?
A lot can be learned from Molls’ style in terms of how to put together a video and a personal blog. I think that when we get so caught up in business, we forget to be ourselves and that holds us back from creating a genuine connection with the audience. And keep in mind that your audience sometimes consists of existing clients as well as potential new clients.
Molls has over 8,000 followers on Twitter and just as many on her personal blog, if not more. Her Vyou.com page lists 452 followers and that will continue to grow considering how new the site still is. She has teamed up with supersweettees.com where they currently sell shirts with some well-known phrases that have been inspired by her blogs and videos, and I am currently the owner of the famous “Hey/Girl” v-neck shirt. Orders are still coming in for that one and the company can hardly keep up with production.
The charm and allure of her writing has a lot to do with the honesty that she puts into all of it. People who get upset at what she says are quickly outnumbered by her supporters. And as you’ve probably learned in business, that’s one way to weed out the folks with whom you’d least like to work. If they don’t like what you have to say, they can find someone else, right?
Molls’ will continue to grow as a social media queen and we will be able to track her success as she continues to take over as a successful writer.
When I think back to the people who were at the party, I realize that I walked away with the honor and privilege of meeting some really amazing people, including a book author whom I really admire and whose books I recently read. I see that for those of us who are struggling to be a little better known in business, sometimes all it takes is shooting a few videos and writing a few blogs so that we can start sending out the message on who we are and what we can offer to others. If we can be as gutsy as Molls, we might even get a feel for how powerful it is to connect with our audience on a genuine and consistent level.

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