Google Suicide – The Survival Guide

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Heh…Yeah. Google’s kicked a lot of people off.

And I was tripping over the keys of my keyboard last night–scrambling…sending out information about ‘Google Suicide‘ (A term we coined for the letter Google sends when they shut down an advertiser’s account forever).

Frightening stuff.

I recently had to fix my own Google slaps and an unfortunate suspension. After fear, frustration, and tears…

Finally, between Cherie and myself, we discovered permanent solutions and surprising answers.

We Might’ve Been Too Open…

Last night we started a very open discussion with students on a free webinar about our collective survival as Adwords advertisers. Actually, we were so open…that we can’t share the recording!

Instead, I’d like to address some concerns you might have about Adwords–whether or not you attended our webinar, and encourage you to pick up “Google Suicide – The Survival Guide

That’s where the answers are.

Following are the THREE most common concerns and fears people have about PPC. Which one is yours?

1. “I want to do PPC, but I keep hearing about problems with Google Adwords…Do I really want to invest my time and money today into learning something that might not work tomorrow?”

There have always been challenges in online marketing, not just PPC or Adwords. Nothing new about that. There’s always a different problem to deal with–no matter which traffic method you use. This one just seems to be getting a little publicity.

People who don’t survive the problems are the ones who run away and hide at the first sign of an obstacle. In my experience, they also don’t make money with anything they do. On the other hand, the reason Cherie and I have become so good at PPC is that we always face every challenge thrown at us head-on. We solve it. And we get better.

jim's hairbrush
I admit, I lost 15 hairs over the latest bans, but since we found answers it’s been smooth sailing

Now, I do admit the latest stuff has been major. I lost at least 15 hairs off my head over it. But once we found the answers, it’s been smooth sailing and we love it.

STILL the most immediate, effective, and smartest online advertising method

What I do know is that PPC is one of the most immediate, effective, and targeted ways to advertise. No effort mastering PPC will ever be wasted. Cherie and I have collectively generated over 450,000 leads in an extremely competitive niche. What’s more, is that we do it at a fraction of the price paid by the highest earners…

Our training has helped produce top earners and super affiliates in multiple organisations who CHOOSE to use PPC for their traffic. You’ll find rave testimonials about our work all over the internet.

I agree, that the current changes are a little intimidating for someone just starting out. But being a PPC newbie is actually a blessing in itself. You are not entering with any preconceptions about how PPC should be done. And from what I’ve seen, the people struggling most are the veterans. Because they’re not able to accept that they need a new approach to Adwords.

The information we’re sharing in Google Suicide – The Survival Guide, will show you exactly how to be a well-behaved PPC advertiser from the get-go. You’ll hear hours of training, case studies, and examples from us with step-by-step instructions on:

– Lesson #1 – KEYWORDS: How to choose cheap money keywords that are nearly immune to competition. With the tools and technique we’ll show you, you’ll fly below Google’s radar and evade any of the quality scrutiny Adwords advertisers normally deal with.

– Lesson #2 – AD POSITION: We’ll show you how much to spend to make sure your ad is seen by your target audience. Most people are bidding wrongly and that contributes to a HUGE part of their “quality score” problem. Unlike them, you’ll be able to bid with confidence, knowing your clicks will be profitable–and stay relevant.

– Lesson #3 – AD COPY: I’m going to show you two secrets for writing adcopy that do not require any expertise in copywriting. Your ads will only be SEEN and CLICKED by the right people who are most likely to buy your products. Anyone else outside your target market will never cost you a dime.

– Lesson #4 – EFFECTIVE LANDING PAGES: Cherie’s going to take you through some of her own landing page guidelines that make Google LOVE you and send you all the traffic you can get. Not only that, but she has a method for writing landing pages that create buyers…not just subscribers. She’s going to also show you how to avoid many of the pitfalls that are getting other advertisers in legal trouble with the FTC and Google.

– Lesson #5 – STRUCTURE: You’ll discover a simple method to get, for free, 5 times the traffic PPC gives you. She’ll show you how you can tap into new markets quickly and easily while staying immune to all Adwords rules and policies.

– Lesson #6 – PPC ENGINES:I’m going to show you my brand new method for reaching people who are normally unreachable with Google alone. Most advertisers are not only missing out on floods of traffic from these other engines, but they’re also unable to convert a lot of it. I’ve discovered something very special that makes using other PPC Engines cheaper and more profitable.

This training will be included in Google Suicide – The Survival Guide. Make sure to grab access to this powerful content if you’re considering doing any kind of PPC advertising. Yo, don’t be a chicken. Some advertisers are leaving, but PPC isn’t going away.

2. “I haven’t been suspended yet, but frankly this shit scares me!”

First, pat yourself on the back.

If you’re still around on Adwords, then you’re pretty lucky.

Even if you’ve been suspended before and got back on–you’ve dodged a bullet. And now, if you love Adwords and don’t want it taken away from you…you need to review your account to see if you’re making any of 6 major mistakes we identified below:

Mistake #1: Using public tools to choose keywords

Mistake #2: Bidding for lower positions to qualify traffic

Mistake #3: Split-testing ad copy to improve CTR (it’s counter-intuitive, but this is screwing your quality score)

Mistake #4: Listening to the gurus about landing page “guidelines” for Quality Score (their advice is based on theory alone, and it could get you banned)

Mistake #5: Over-confidence in Google PPC

Mistake #6: Relying exclusively on Google for traffic

Be honest, did you find anything in the list above that you’ve been doing?

You make any of these mistakes, and you may as well be holding a gun to your own head.

Make any of these six very common Adwords mistakes, and you may as well be holding a gun to your head…

As much experience I have with Adwords, even I was making ALL of the above 6 mistakes to some degree. For many months before the bans, Cherie and I were already aware they were mistakes and were already working on alternatives. That’s probably why we were able to come up with a formula in time to save ourselves.

Now, we’re putting together several hours of training to help you avoid the same mistakes.

So cast your fear aside. Cherie and I are ready with answers that will ensure you’ll never need to worry again. Get on Google Suicide – The Survival Guide with us and protect yourself from Google’s ultimate penalty. You’ll regret not applying this information–because Google’s Suicide letter is a LIFETIME BAN. And you’ll never be able to use Adwords again. EVER!

3. “My Adwords account is already disabled, what can I do?”

Until very recently, Google only wanted to remove violating content. So the ad disapprovals, the quality score, and the slaps were all focused on stopping you from putting up stuff they didn’t like. But now, they’ve changed direction.

Google wants to take out the advertiser. The person, not his account or campaign. So it’s a PERMENANT BAN.

Anyone who tells you that you can get back on by registering a new credit card, from a new ip, with a different name has old news. Google has new artificial intelligence software that can match up different bits of information and behaviour about you to figure out who you are and ban you no matter how many ways you try to get back on.

We know even legitimate PPC managers who logged into a bad client’s account ONCE and were banned as a result.

Solution: Use The Appeals Process. Only Do It Our Way…

Plead your case in front of Google. They might let you back on, if you do it how we tell you…

The first thing you should do is use Google’s appeals process.

Yeah, they have one in place. Specifically for people who have been accidentally suspended or legitimate advertisers who made a mistake or two. So there’s SOME hope yet.

I’m guessing that you’re not a scammer, or you wouldn’t be here. If you want the appeals process to work for you, you have to change Google’s mind about you.

We have some tips about how to do this properly. And we’ll disclose them in a PDF manual as a bonus when you enrol in Google Suicide – The Survival Guide.

Frankly, we cannot make any guarantees here. Our experience is that information like this, about getting back on, has a short use-by date. So you’ll want to take immediate action and get back on before Google change their mind about allowing appeals.

There’s a chance you will never get Adwords back…

Sorry, I know this is probably disappointing to hear. But would you rather I say nicer things and mislead you? Fact remains, there is a very real possibility that Adwords will never be available to you again. But savvy business people work with the cards they’re dealt and find solutions. This is what I’m recommending:

For anyone who has been suspended and can’t get back on Google, they will need to get their traffic elsewhere.

But wait…

Don’t run off and start looking at social media and video marketing training–that would be a little dumb.

Anyone who already has some PPC skill would be wasting it by changing direction so drastically and starting over. My recommendation is that you leverage your existing skill in the following two ways:

Option (a) – Use other PPC engines.

PPC programs on all engines work very similar to each other. There are other major PPC search engines and programs on Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Facebook. They mostly rely on similar, if not the same, principles you’ve already mastered.

I’m not saying that there won’t be a slight learning curve, regardless. But it’s not like jumping from short, targeted PPC ads–to posting pages of content and adding thousands of friends on Social Media. Right?

If you’re like many of our loyal subscribers, you’ve already spent months–or in some cases years–to master PPC. You’ve spent money on training and on advertising…which would be wasted if you were to leave.

To completely abandon PPC in favour of some traffic method you’ve never had success with is like flushing money down the toilet.

If you’re one of the people who’ve tried Yahoo ads or something else, you’re probably reading this and thinking, “Yeah, except Yahoo doesn’t have as much traffic as Google and I tried it before with very little results.”

That’s how we felt about the idea too. Until a couple of months ago, when we discovered there is more traffic available to us for less on other engines–as long as we understand how to reach the people on there properly.

It has nothing to do with keyword choice or even ad copy.

For example, we know that Yahoo is the #1 choice of search for people in Asia. So while most people were targeting the USA and Canada on Yahoo search and seeing very few impressions, we’ve been using Yahoo to sell to the enormous Asian market.

Similarly, a few weeks ago, I was considering promoting a seminar in Jordan. But I discovered that the culture here is not one that searches online for answers to pressing problems. Instead, people ask each other and spread the word with “word of mouth”.

On the other hand, almost everyone uses Facebook. So I ran an extremely successful ad campaign on Facebook targeting only Jordan–and filled my seminar in only days.

That’s exactly why we’re dedicating an entire hour to the topic of other PPC Engines on Google Suicide – The Survival Guide.

In Google Suicide – The Survival Guide, I’ll show you how to discover which markets and demographics are most suitable for each PPC engine. And more importantly, how you can use other PPC engines to tap into cheaper traffic in larger volume than with Google.

Option (b) – Use PPC information to do SEO

You might, instead, be making a very natural jump from PPC to SEO. The similarities are certainly enough that you can make the transition reasonably easily.

For example, advertising with both PPC and SEO is in essence answering questions people ask with search. The keyword research is the same. Whatever keywords worked for you before with PPC will work in SEO too. Similarly, your PPC ads with great CTR will make excellent page headlines and summaries in search listings. Click-thru-rate plays a tremendous role in SEO too.

So even if you can’t use Adwords any more, the data you collected about keywords and adcopy is a goldmine.

You know exactly which keywords get traffic. You know the “copy” that attracts clicks. You know which keywords convert more frequently.

All that information can be used to build content optimised for SEO. Although this is not normally a simple topic, Cherie has discovered a method you can use to get nearly instant first page listings using PPC data.

We’ve dedicated another hour of training in Google Suicide ENTIRELY for making a smooth and easy migration from PPC to SEO.

Be sure to grab your copy of Google Suicide – The Survival Guide to discover Cherie’s method for squeezing 5 times as much traffic from natural search as you did with PPC!

you know, I love you…

This content is so powerful, I voted we do NOT share it. Sorry, you know I love you…but I didn’t want to kill myself by teaching the very secrets that are giving me a competitive edge right now.

Neither Cherie nor I make our money from being “ppc gurus”. In fact, we hate the label. We’re in the trenches day and night producing traffic and leads for ourselves and our clients and that’s our bread and butter. I can only speak for myself here when I say I’ve had my arm twisted to put this out. And I want to raise the price for the training tomorrow (Friday) so fewer people get in.

It’s a dick move, I know. But grab it now, it’s only $197. Just it’s not gonna stay that way if you click this link past New Year’s Day 5pm CST (Texas time)…

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