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Hello. My name is Jim Yaghi and I am a multi-lingual Computer Scientist with a reputation for getting LOTS of traffic to ANY website very fast.
My advertising method of choice:
Google Adwords.
Now you might have heard of Adwords before, or even tried it with some or even great success for a short while…But I have a special system for building ad campaigns unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever seen before.

I don’t use the methods taught in the popular Adwords books, courses, and seminars.

In fact, you may already know that those methods no longer work. Especially if you’ve been “banned” or “suspended” from Adwords already.
After all, over the past few years, Google has become stricter and stricter and getting traffic with Adwords has become more of an art than a science.

My way is almost exactly the Opposite of What All The Adwords goooroo’s Teach.

It’s also a lot cheaper.
Especially if your products have only small profit margins and you can’t afford to spend too much on your advertising.
You see, when i first got into Online Marketing, i was doing a PhD in computer science.
And since i was on a tiny scholarship, i didn’t have thousands of dollars to experiment with.
Not only that, but i was studying 18+ hours a day for my PhD, and i didn’t have the time to sit on social media websites, post in forums, write articles & blog posts, or create content.
So with no other option, i decided to try Google Adwords.
Now, if you’ve ever used Adwords, you’ll already know it’s not easy.

In fact, almost nobody Marketing online really “gets” Google Adwords — and even the world’s top Adwords Experts vanished in recent years because of how hard it has gotten.

These days, the competition is fierce.
The rules are a lot stricter.
And you’re in a constant battle between staying “on” the network due to ad disapprovals…and getting a ROI on your ad spend before you run out of budget.

It seems like, if you give Google what it wants, then you trade off your conversions.

And if you focus on your conversions, you’ll soon be kicked off Google.
Which is what i discovered too.
After mastering Adwords to the point i became one of the TOP traffic experts online, generating as much as 1,000 leads a day without batting an eyelid…and generating millions in profit…

I was shut down!

Luckily i managed to get my account re-instated. But i didn’t jump back in for a while.
I was afraid that if i advertised ANYTHING on Google, i’d lose my account again permanently. A risk i wasn’t willing to take.
So for a while, i experimented with Microsoft Bing.
Microsoft was a lot more forgiving, and my account was a lot less valuable there.
I figured, if i lost it, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.
Besides, the Microsoft staff have always been very understanding and willing to help. Going so far as to stay in touch with me after a support request to ensure i wasn’t having any difficulties with their platform.
One day, while visiting a very famous marketer called The Rich Jerk at his office, he encouraged me to get back to Google.
He said…

“if you don’t use your account now, it’s the same as being banned. You may as well do SOMETHING with it, and if you get interrupted at some point, no biggie. There’s lots of other places to get traffic.”

Well, that was encouraging.
So i turned on a new campaign in Google and began to experiment.
For an entire year, i kept experimenting while tiptoeing around the Adwords policies.
It seemed that all the top online marketers’ “rules of thumb” for getting high conversions and sales were “against the rules” of Google.

Any time i tried to run my campaign in a way that would get good conversions, the ad would be disapproved.

And whenever i followed the Google guidelines for advertisers, i would have to spend a ton of money without getting any sales.
This was disappointing.
One day, while doing some research for a paper i was publishing on Machine Learning, i came up with an idea that the Google experts were NOT talking about.

It actually went completely against what Adwords gooroos taught.

But since it was based on computer science (something i know a lot about), i was sure it would work anyway.
When i shared this idea with my colleagues in online marketing, some of the top Info publishing organisations…

…They actually laughed!

But i insisted that i’d test out my theory…
What happened?
Within MINUTES, i started generating traffic and converting it to sales like a friggin’ machine!
I tried to tell the others about what i discovered and offered to help them get their websites re-instated.
But they ignored me.

The idea was too radical…too crazy…

It went against EVERYTHING they believed about online conversion.
But it WORKED so dang well. So i kept refining it and i grew as a marketer.
Eventually, my ex-colleagues started contacting me one by one, saying, “Hey dude, you’re EVERYWHERE on Google. Can you help us get traffic too?”
When i tried again to tell them what they had to do, they disappeared.
Like i said, it was TOO drastic.
Too different.
It went against all their beliefs.
But every so often, they would return, and try again with me, as if hoping my answer would change.
My response never changed.
In the end, i had to start ignoring their pleas for traffic. And they went grubbing for it elsewhere.

All the while, leads were pouring into my website from around the world.

And i made sales, high-end, high-ticket sales for thousands of dollars at a time to STONE COLD TRAFFIC.
This seemed too good to be true.
To be honest, i even started wondering if maybe i was some kind of special case.
Actually, a LOT of my friends emailed me with all sorts of theories as to why they thought MY account was special.
Some, until this day, believe that i have somehow “slipped through the cracks” of Google and remained in good standing by accident.
But i know better.
One expert critiqued my website on a live call for another marketer who was CURIOUS how i was able to remain on Google without SEEMING to do anything different.

The expert actually ridiculed my site and said it would be shut down sooner or later.

But it never did.
Because i knew what i was doing.
This was more than 3 years ago…and i’m STILL STANDING!

Soon after, i began building campaigns for small clients.

Little guys, who had no preconceptions about what HAS to be done to get sales online.
People who trusted me to build their advertising campaigns using the exact method i discovered.
The result?
You know what, i’m not gonna bother to tell you about clients from 2008.

I’ll tell you about a client campaign I started just YESTERDAY.

I launched the campaign quietly. Within a single hour, leads began flowing uninterrupted the ENTIRE day.
Not just “traffic”…but people who raised their hands to say they are interested in the product we had to offer.
We’ve done this several times before too. Clients who had campaigns built by me have been killing it on Google for MONTHS.
Making sales, converting at a profit, and growing their businesses without even learning a SINGLE thing about Google.
But i should admit, a part of me still didn’t feel confident enough to sell Google campaign management to the masses.
Instead, i’ve been using the same technique to build campaigns for clients on Microsoft Bing.
Microsoft will always be a “safe” option.

But it has many limitations.

For example, if you have a physical business that you can ONLY sell within a small local area, Microsoft’s traffic would be too little.
Also, Bing is not a very intelligent engine. Nowhere near as advanced as Google.
It’s very “literal”.
If you target a keyword, your ads will show up for that search exactly and a few tiny variations of it.
But Google…

Google has a very advanced Artificial Intelligence engine that understands the TARGET AUDIENCE, not just the keywords.

So even if you select search keywords you want your ads to show up for, Google will very creatively track the audience in EVERY Google Application and show your ad to them.
Regardless of what they search for.
This is VERY powerful for online advertisers.
And it means you can get a LOT more traffic, that’s far more consistent than Bing.
But like i said, for a long time, i refused to build Google campaigns for just ANYONE.
Anyone trying to build a Google Campaign on their own is VERY likely to get shut-down or lose a ton of money. Chances are they’ll build wrong.

Until recently, i had a lot of requirements for taking on a Google Adwords client.

For example, they had to have a real business.
They had to have an existing website, product, and sales process that I could modify.
They had to be willing to make all the modifications i needed them to.
They needed to be willing to trust me completely to manage their traffic without any input from them.
And mostly they had to be close friends. Intelligent people who wouldn’t make stupid changes to their website and campaign mid-way while i was running traffic to it.
So from a liability standpoint, i thought it a good idea to ONLY offer the public campaigns built on Microsoft Bing.
But recently, i got enough confidence to open Google Adwords Campaign building to the public.
And actually build campaigns for ANYONE as long as they had a consultation with me ahead of putting together their campaign.

The consultation is CRUCIAL and it’s the difference between BIG sales and ABSOLUTE failure!

The consultation allows me to request all the changes necessary on the website to make it compliant with Google’s rules…AND so compliant with my conversion method for cold Google traffic.

What i decided to do, is to create a Done-For-You Traffic package just like the one i do for Microsoft Bing.

Except this is a campaign built for Google Adwords.
Now there’s two MAJOR differences between the Done-For-You Traffic for Microsoft and the Done-For-You Traffic for Google…
And it’s the number of keywords.
With Microsoft Adcenter, we offer 10’s of thousands of keywords as part of the keyword research.
But with Google, we’ll only do up to 1,000 keywords.
#1. Google doesn’t REQUIRE as many keywords to sweep the market as does Microsoft. A single keyword on Google is worth at least 100 keywords on Microsoft.
#2. Google has a LIMIT for the number of keywords allowed in a single Adgroup or campaign. Meaning, we won’t be allowed to put 10’s of thousands of keywords without hitting account limits on Google.
The other major difference is PRICE.

The Microsoft Done-For-You Traffic includes:

  • a 2 hour phone consultation with me for product and target audience identification
  • 50,000+ keywords that represent as many possible searches done by your target audience
  • 4 custom-written ads that hit 4 major hot buttons your audience would be interested in
  • a high converting custom landing page, professionally copywritten, designed, and converted to HTML.
  • The YaghiLabs Conversion Tracking plugin which helps you reduce your advertising cost AND increase your traffic.
  • Free life-time access to TWO of my best-selling PPC training products worth $3,500 to help you manage your campaign.
  • A flow-chart giving step-by-step instructions to self-manage your campaign
  • A simplified step-by-step instructions on how to scale your campaign if you like to self-manage
  • And just in case you prefer that we manage for you, over 50% discount on our management fees starting from $97/month!

The cost of a Microsoft Done-For-You Traffic is $19,970. You can read more about Microsoft Done-For-You Traffic campaigns here if you’re interested.

But we’re not talking about Microsoft Bing…we’re talking about Google Adwords…the MOTHER OF ALL TRAFFIC!

The Google Done-For-You Traffic is similar but produces a gazillion times better traffic.
It includes:

  • a 2 hour phone consultation with me for product and target audience identification
  • 1,000+ keywords that represent as many possible searches done by your target audience
  • 4 custom-written ads that hit 4 major hot buttons your audience would be interested in
  • and a high converting custom landing page, professionally copywritten, designed, and converted to HTML.
  • The YaghiLabs Conversion Tracking plugin which helps you reduce your advertising cost AND increase your traffic.
  • Free life-time access to TWO of my best-selling PPC training products worth $3,500 to help you manage your campaign.
  • A flow-chart giving step-by-step instructions to self-manage your campaign
  • A simplified step-by-step instructions on how to scale your campaign if you like to self-manage
  • And just in case you prefer that we manage for you, over 50% discount on our management fees starting from $97/month!

The cost of a Google Done-For-You Traffic campaign is $21,970 one-time.
Aside from the fact that a Google campaign is infinitely more valuable for anyone who wants a lot of traffic to their website…
And that the cost of Google leads tends to be LOWER than Microsoft…
And the ad inventory is thousands of times more than Microsoft’s…

We actually have to do a lot more work to build a Google Campaign.

Allow me to explain…
We begin with a first phase of keyword research.
In this phase, we only build ONE adgroup with 500 keywords.
This has to run for at least a few days to gain some idea about how your audience respond to your offer.
Once we have a little data, we go through and create FOUR new adgroups.
These adgroups represent four major groupings that your target audience fall into.
We then go through and regroup the keywords we gathered for you in the first phase.
Then we EXPAND on them to find a further 250 keywords per adgroup for a total of 1,000 keywords PROVEN to generate traffic AND get response.
Now if you like to take over and manage the campaign on your own once we build it, we give you all the resources you need to do so.

But if you prefer we manage the campaign for you ongoingly, while you focus on your product and sales process…

Then we can continue to refine your campaign, drop your lead cost, and increase your traffic with whatever budget you want us to work with…for as little as $97/month!
So there you have it.
Ready to start?

Here’s how it works:

Once you click the button below to order your Google Adwords campaign, you’ll be presented with a simple Survey to fill out.
Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from my faithful assistant Penny Baker.
She’ll give you two options for dates and times for your consultation with me. The time is usually within 7 days of your order.
At the prescribed date and time, you will receive a call from me and we’ll have a chat about your business.
I’ll get all the information i need to build your campaign, and you get to ask any questions you need answers to.
I’ll give you recommendations on how to modify your website for Google traffic and conversion.
You will be assigned an Account Manager who will answer your follow-up questions by email and keep you posted on the progress of your campaign build.
Then we both go off on our own way. Usually you’ll have some kind of assignment to do while we work.
Soon after our call, you’ll receive a warm welcoming email from your account manager.
Our Programming team will create a membership for you in our Bonus traffic training area.
Your account manager will also send you a recorded copy of your consultation for your review.
And you’ll have access to the notes we took on the call, forever.
Our Traffic staff will begin keyword research immediately after our call, based on the target audience we identified on our consultation. I’ll check their work before it’s loaded into your Google Adwords account.
Next, our Writing staff begin writing ads for you. After i approve them, you’ll get to give the 4 ads a final “nod” before they’re loaded into your campaign.
Our writing staff will also start writing copy for your landing page.
Once i’ve approved the copy, you will receive a copy of it for a final “go ahead”.
The copy is then sent to our Design Team who will create a unique and beautiful design for your landing page. These guys are very aware of how the eye navigates the page, and they’ll ensure that your website visitors will focus on the main call to action (usually to sign up to your newsletter).
We’ll show you a preview to approve before we send it off to Programming.
Our programming team then begin the process of converting the Design to a functional HTML page.
Once we’ve integrated your call to action, URLs, and redirects, you will get a final ZIP with instructions on how to upload the landing page to your website.
If you need help uploading, we can do that for you too.

When all is ready, you will find your campaign in your Adwords Account.

We’ll also give you a copy of the Conversion Tracking plugin and setup tracking for you (as long as it’s on WordPress).

Your campaign will be turned on by us with a daily ad budget that you approve.

A few days later, we’ll come back and regroup your keywords and expand your audience so you can continue generating more and more leads every day.
Finally, you will have the option to continue having us manage your campaign OR if you prefer to do it yourself and learn on your own, we’ll send you the flowcharts and manual for campaign management and scaling.

All of this, you get for only $21,970!

One Time.
And paid with Paypal, so you can feel totally secure when you pay.
Order a Google Done-For-You Traffic campaign by clicking the button below!
Google Done-For-You Traffic
Only $21,970

By the way, if you already have a Microsoft Done-For-You Traffic Campaign built by us, email for a discount link.
We’ll fully reimburse you the cost of your Microsoft campaign a total of $19,970 saving. We’ll migrate your campaign from Microsoft Adcenter for you. And you’ll only pay $2,000. THANK YOU for your loyalty!


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