Go Learn Business from the Children!

I’m pretty jaded by how
dumb this industry has gotten.
Entrepreneurship used
to be a respectable profession. As a young man, I looked up to anyone who just
happened to OWN a business. It didn’t even matter what the business was or how
Business people seemed
to walk on air. They had wisdom about them and a respectableness that would
make anyone WISH to join their ranks.
But now-a-days, I think
they’re mostly big kids and i don’t even want to be lumped in the same group with them.
Seems anyone with a
below-40-IQ can call themselves a business- man or woman.
Last night, my family
and I sat around in the garden to relax.
The conversation
turned to the children, my cousins, who’d decided to use the first day of their
summer vacation to start a business!
Their entrepreneurial
spirit was admirable.
They heard about a
heat-wave forecast for the next few days, and decided to sell icy cold
lemonade and setup a stand near the nature park behind the family home.
It seemed a good idea. Lots of people make a living every weekend selling candy floss, sweets, and food since people from ALL over
the country arrive in HOARDES to picnic and barbeque in the park.
My uncle put up the
investment and bought plastic cups, cordial, and so on for the kids.
Anyway, as it turns
out, their business failed.
Even at 10 cents a
cup, nobody bought. And in fact, many stopped to laugh and make fun of them.
The kids packed it up
and gave up after a SINGLE day in business.
Doesn’t this remind
you of the WUSSIES who’ve tarnished this respectable community of
I mean, ok, these are
KIDS and you can’t blame them for giving up so quickly. But our community is
filled with adults who are BIG FRIGGIN cry-babies!
And, let’s face it, these
kids had more business sense than most of the frauds in this industry.
Although they failed,
it had little to do with their business plan or ad-hoc feasibility study.
They were smart enough
(after all, they are the children of an academic family but even someone with
half an IQ point could figure this out)…they were smart enough to go where the people-traffic
was, put themselves at the center of it and market their product.
Compare this to the
IDIOTIC marketing forum threads I read in the dead hours of the night.
Where stupid whiney
little shits who’ve spent the last few months putting up a website come crying
to their mommies about how they just realized they need traffic.
The only thing more
pathetic is the moron dipshits who chip in with stupid advice like:
“Get some back links”
“Submit unique
articles to article sites”
“Use Facebook and
social media”
“Do social bookmarking”
STUPID. Danggggg!
The same advice is given by countless people in TENS of forums.
I mean, they’re
talking about going to the MOST trafficked websites in the world and trying to
lure people over to their site.
Imagine if my cousins
had setup their stall inside the walls of Yaghi Castle and then sent out their
little couriers to go find customers at the park over the hill and bring them
back to the stall to buy!
Wouldn’t that be RIDICULOUS?
So stop laughing at my
cousins you silly traffic-needing person. I know you think they’re dorks…
But when you make a
stand-alone website, you’re planting it in the middle of NOWHERE.
And when you go
looking for traffic to bring back to your site, YOU are the fool, not the
Rather than go crazy
every time someone mentions they generated 8 leads from social media and buy
their scammy ebooks…why not stop for a moment and think with your little head.
If social media sites
are so damn populated, and since the entire business model of social media
depends on USER CONTRIBUTION…why aren’t you pitching your ugly home-made stall
right there?
There are fewer steps between
the traffic and the sale…and it doesn’t need for you to drag someone over from
where they’re already enjoying their little picnic to the distraction from fun
that is your website.
I consult with MANY
clients who buy our Done-For-You Traffic Consultation:
And I can tell you with
certainty, most of them are running a DINKY little stall and calling it a
website. It’s not some great big headquarters for a multi million dollar company.
Not a big deal…but…
When your stall is
make-shift, the advantage you have is you can just pack it up and MOVE it to a
more favourable spot.
I can help you figure
out whether your business NEEDS its own website…or if you can just move it
somewhere more trafficked. I can tell you WHERE your stall needs to stand.
Get a consultation with me about YOUR business here:

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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