Quick n' Dirty:

The "Just Getting Started" Guide to Earning Your First $100 in Affiliate Marketing

What is Quick n Dirty?

It's an online PDF document with a powerful 9-Step* action plan and setup instructions to earn your first $100 commission in affiliate marketing, starting from a ZERO budget

Tiny Budget Friendly

I know you’re looking at affiliate marketing as a way to EARN money, not spend it. So all the steps I show you are designed to work with a ZERO budget and ZERO cost.

No-Frills & Lo-Tech

There’s no existing technical skills or knowledge needed. We start from the very beginning and whatever you need to know I’ll show you.

Simple & Fun

Every action is broken down into simple, ordered, and repeatable baby steps. Even a highschooler can follow along. In fact, if you have kids, why not do the project with them?

* The length of time to earn your first $100 might range from several days to weeks and will vary depending on individual factors.

I am liking the results of your teaching...I'm getting leads with [a] simple page. I could never imagine I could use a page like that, with so few content.
Hygson Rocha
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Meet Your Last Instructor

Jim Yaghi

Traffic Monster

Hi. I’m Jim Yaghi; computer scientist, mathematician, and entrepreneur. 

If you’re wondering why you should listen to anything I have to say on affiliate traffic, here’s a few reasons:

  • I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2006 and i’ve built businesses with the internet since I was 16.
  • I sold my first business while finishing my last year of highschool. It was a social network with paying customers MAILING me cash from all over the world, long before PayPal, Facebook, and MySpace.
  • In 2009 I singlehandedly brought in 90%+ of the traffic of a major product (Magnetic Sponsoring) with 10,000+ affiliates competing against me. I continued to hold their sales record YEARS after I stopped actively promoting for them.
  • In 2010 I was nicknamed the “last man standing” because I survived (and continue to survive) a devastating industry clean-up when Google and most ad platforms banned all affiliate marketers. My ads alone continued to run, which baffled the industry’s “experts”.
  • Today, I selectively take on traffic clients and pass on nearly two decades of experience in generating traffic in brutally competitive markets.

If you want to know some of my secrets, then read on…

i finally don't feel overwhelmed by the sheer technical possibilities...and can instead focus on the more human elements of advertising. Your level of thought, care, and honesty is second to none in the internet marketing industry.
Patrick Williamson
Bakersfield, California

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Who Will It NOT Work For?

Quick n Dirty is not suitable for everyone. Here's who might not find it very helpful...

Dull Know-Nothings

You need a hobby or special knowledge, skill, or experience in ANY topic. It doesn’t matter how mundane or bizzare. I help you find a passion that can be turned into profit. Everyone has something they’re good at. But if you don’t believe this about yourself, the method won’t work for you.

Failed Affiliates

Affiliates who failed for too long might be too far gone to benefit from this method. Either they follow bad “popular” advice they insist is true or they ignore advice they don’t like. Quick n Dirty is opposite to common practice and is proven to work BECAUSE it is based on good business fundamentals.

Lazy Dreamers

Affiliate marketing is a business, not a lottery ticket. If you want to be successful, you need to learn and you need to execute. If either of these ideas bothers you, then Quick n Dirty isn’t gonna help you. This method is cool because it’s simple, effective, and free…but you have to actually do it.
...your system, and in fact your approach and personality far outweighs others I have encountered so far. Your material is so in depth but delivered with simplicity and care.
Guy Webb
Kent, England

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Does it Come With Anything Else?

Quick n Dirty is a complete method from setup, to maintenance, to your first commission

Instructions Document

The main instructions document is a 9-day action plan, explaining the simple setup, the technology and the method. You get this as a downloadable PDF you can read in your smartphone or save and open on your PC.

Personal Help

Help is always on hand. You can email me personally at jim@jimyaghi.com and get answers for up to 30 days. You also have life-time access to our private Facebook support group where i might even shoot a new video just to answer your question.

Sales Strategy

Included is a sales strategy video to guarantee that you alone get credit for your referrals. This strategy also multiplies the number of people buying from your link and boosts your commissions so you can scale your traffic faster.

Cheat Sheet

A 1-page summary of all the main points of the Quick n Dirty method is included. You can use this for fast review when you run new affiliate offers.


Included are a few of my best-performing content creation formulas. Simply fill in the blanks to create your own content that turns into commissions.

Product Testing Tool

Use our product-fit calculator to figure out if any affiliate product will sell well and actually be profitable, before you put any effort into promoting it.

You’re the best teacher I’ve had since Mr. Pittard my high school biology and chemistry teacher
Wyla Green
West Bloomfield, Michigan


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You've blown EVERYTHING i've learned about [online ads] out of the water (and I've paid a fortune).
Boyd Bowker
Sydney, NSW, Australia
...your system, and in fact your approach and personality far outweighs others I have encountered so far. Your material is so in depth but delivered with simplicity and care.
Guy Webb
Kent, England
This is your business' missing owners manual; a complete, step-by-step plan anyone can immediately implement, regardless of their skill level!
Andrew Draughon
Editor of WWN Magazine, Pittsboro, North Carolina
...you manage to simplify the tasks in simple explanations that covers all the essentials that we need to know at that particular time...Thanks Jim for making online marketing so much easier.
Kassim Yafai
Sheffield, United Kingdom
...you put all other marketing courses to shame!
Christopher Lacharité Mueller
Trois-Rivieres, Québec
...its value far exceeds the swamp of regurgitated info product crap we had to wade through for years
Dennis Goff
Comox, British Columbia
It's all broken down into baby steps so you can take action on each section as you go through it.
Jonathan Rivera
Radio Producer & Host, Orlando, Florida
...its so easy to pick up and just start reading. Your moral and ethic really do shine through!
Csaba Szücs
Fejér, Hungary
After following the step by step videos and taking the time to study what I was really doing my ads are now being place at the top of the search page without racking up a huge bill. I now understand how [ad platforms] and other search engines work.
Tim Davis
Salt Lake City, Utah
He explains everything so well and the video makes the concepts easily understood...I felt like a real pro as I learned all the tactics he shared and I am so glad I jumped on the chance...
Molly Chapman
I had spent so much in [advertising] before but the course helped me understand how to use my money wisely. I was really excited when I saw that you had information for everyone from those with little money to those who had a lot.
Arthur Schenk
What I liked most about Jim Yaghi's [course] is the step by step information. Jim starts with the basics to help you understand ...even a child could understand this. I felt like I was watching over his shoulder & learning, very simple & great!
Misty Ward
Fort Worth, Texas
ANOTHER Quality Product...
Kirk Paterson
Toronto, Ontario
...Pieces That Were Missing From My Campaigns Before Fell Right Into Place.
Melanie Milletics
Tampa, Florida
Jim Has A Knack To Take The Complex And Make It Very Simple.
Mari Ann Lisenbe
Houston, Texas
...Went From 5-7 Leads a Day to 25-30 Leads A Day!
Valentyn Murashko
Donetsk, Ukraine
I remember telling you how I want to hit $50K in a month...I was very new to online marketing and I've done pretty good mash'Allah over the years. Sold about $30milion of my stuff. I'd like to say you were deffo one of my earliest mentors, I would spend hours reading your sales copy and ur website.
Shaqir Hussyin
London, United Kingdom

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