FUGK THAT! the Psychology of Cuss

Before i explain this dirty, horrid, vulgar subject line…
Let me get a little house keeping out the way.
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With that
out the way, let’s get to the SWEAR WORDS.
Have you
ever heard that standup bit by George Carlin, called the Usage of Fugk?
If you
haven’t, I recommend you run a quick search for it on YouTube. Spell the swear
correctly of course…I only add the k for censoring purposes…so your eyes don’t
bleed if god forbid you see a real swear. Not like we’re all grown ups here…
You’ve seen
me swear freely in my emails. And I do it just as much in person, as anyone who’s
met me will tell you.
I don’t
seem to have the hangups about it that others do. Especially americans…because,
this might surprise you, but in Australia and New Zealand where I spent many
years of my childhood, swearing is just part of everyday life.
people, people with PhDs swear like sailors and no one ever takes issue with it.
in my opinion, are prudes about this stuff. So much political correctness, so
much fake politeness.
Australia, you can call a perfect stranger a “Sik Kunt” and he’ll smile as if
you praised him. I shyt you not.
Of course, we
don’t all feel the same way about swearing, and I’m fine with that.
But a bunch
of people have been wondering if this is one of the things I’ll be advising
people to do in Communicology 701.
Is it one
of my many secrets to selling online?
The idea that
using swear words…or any special kind of words really…would actually help you
sell more is funny.
But what’s
most hilarious is when people start doing it on purpose, just because they see
me doing it.
I don’t
think any of them get why I’m so comfortable with using such dirty language in
my sales communication.
So let me educate you my homie.
As my bud George Carlin explains in his “Usage of Fugk” routine, the word “FUGK” is
so diverse. It can have many different meanings and be used in any
different scenarios to get across a variety of emotions and ideas.
Think about
How can one
simple 4 letter word be so RICH in meaning?
I don’t
But we
humans have a wonderful ability to create linguistic short-cuts to help us
communicate FASTER.
And this
word is just ONE example of linguistic shortcuts.
Here’s another, less vulgar example:
the days when you wondered what “LOL” meant?
I do.
Sure it
stands for Laughing Out Loud. But is that really what it means?
watched people write the abbreviation “LOL”…and even exaggerate it as LOLOLOLOL without so much as cracking a
SMILE, let alone an “out loud” laugh.
LOL doesn’t
mean Laughing out loud any more than does “Bitsch” mean a female dog.
These are efficient
communication shortcuts that get across far more than their dictionary definition.
They carry with them SUBTEXT that says something entirely different…
Curse words
and colloquial expressions are loaded with emotion.
I mean, in the
Communicology sales page, I have a big headline that says “FUGK THAT” (eg, “they
expect me to rip my eyeballs out so I can get their approval….FUGK THAT!”). Let’s
try to get across the same meaning without being crude, just to see what comes
“Screw that”…no
wait, that’s vulgar too.
How about, “Stuff
That”…haha that’s just code to reference “screw” without explicitly using the
Maybe we can say, “No, I’m
not doing that”…
That’s the
closest thing I’m going to get to the same meaning, wouldn’t you agree?
So what’s
wrong with this?
Couldn’t I have
said “No, I’m not doing that!” and kept the sales page clean and cuss-free?
Sure. Yah.
But I wouldn’t
have been able to express the emotion I wanted. “It’s an impossibility, it’s
something I would NEVER in a million years do….that it’s something ridiculous
to even think I would contemplate doing…”
Woah that’s a lot of words.
what I mean?
Swear words
have a legitimate function in communication.
They give
us shortcuts to denote emotion.
And when
you’re selling, it’s ALL ABOUT identifying your prospect’s emotion and voicing
it back to them in a clever and interesting way.
Which is the
main reason I’m ok with swearing in sales communication.
plenty of other great reasons I won’t get into now.
I’ve stated
my case for using swear words when selling.
Let’s put all
that dirty language aside and talk seriously.
If you want
to sell products, you have to master the art of subtext. The unspoken
words, the implications that you intentionally create but don’t say. The genius
stuff that others perceive and respond to, without seeing or realizing they are responding to it.
When a customer buys, the purchase happens in their MIND long before it is
executed in your storefront or website.
You have to
secretly and quietly plant your ideas into their thoughts, so they think those
ideas are their own and the decision to buy theirs…even though it really is YOUR ideas.
This is why
I called my Workshop “Advanced Communicology 701”.
Because copywriting
is about sales words…but communication is everything you say and everything you DON’T say…
Everything that gets ideas out of your head and into someone else’s.
SO if you
haven’t signed up yet. Or if you’re on the fence still, you’re not sure if this
is a good idea for you…
I want you
to think hard.
Think about
why you’re not getting the results you want with your online business. Is it
really just because you’re struggling to find traffic?
Or is it
because you’re not selling to what little traffic you already get?
I’ll leave
you with those thoughts.
forget, Communicology’s gifts and discounts are only going to stay up for
another 3 days, then I’m taking them away. You’ll still be able to join us, but
you won’t be getting as good a deal.
Here’s where
you go next:

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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