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      Hey guys my name is Chris and I just started working on building my STM. I already have the first three manuals, but amd just getting around to strting it (i know, I know…). It doesn’t seem like there is much activity here but I’ll try to get a few questions answered here.

      Anyway I have a few questions regarding the brand plan since I am having a hard time settling on an audience.


      My first question is how specific do I need to be about my audience? For example, Let’s say I want to sell a business opportunity to people with student loans who want to pay them back faster. Is it important to target people living in a specific country, or is it just important that they all speak English? Another example could be does it matter what the students studied in college? I ask this because in some questions I feel like I can’t come up with enough answers and wonder if I am not getting specific enough.


      Question 2. In the brand plan manual, Jim mentions that the Brand Plan for STM was 8000 words. Is this number a first time STM creator like me should aim for or can I create a good brand plan that isn’t quite as comprehensive. I don’t ask this because I want to be lazy but I just can’t seem to come up with that much information. I know this is very subjective but is there a minimal brand plan size we should strive for?


      I’m sure I have more questions but that’s it for now.

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      This might not be much help but, go back and read thru the brand plan again, I think you will start to understand how this works.

      As far as your audience don’t gor after just money problems but, look at what else might be of concern to them, also is this something you can relate to, if not look at something in your life that you overcame  and see if there is an audience for that. Also try to promote somehting you have an interest in or are passionate about, you’ll be more believeable and you will be more knowledgeable and blieveable.

      On the barand plan or mission statement would be real and honest in what you want to deliver to people and serve there best interest, it’s about helping your prospects achieve, become, or advance to a higher level of knowledge about whaterver you’re promoting. You have to deliver a quality product, make the prospect happy and feel good about yoursef in doing it.

      Hope this helps,


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