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      Hey everyone, so I’ve previously had great success with utilizing forum threads as a progress framwork for myself.

      There are a couple of reasons why this works but one of the major ones is just to have somewhere written down what you have done and then know what’s next.

      I also find that it builds confidence in yourself as well as the great material that we get in the program.

      If anyone wants to follow along and get updates when somethings posted just leave a reply in this thread and I will reciprocate for anyone else who also starts a thread.

      Because wouldn’t it be great, if we all got these reminders from each other everytime someone has done anything and then we get motivated to take action.

      Now for this thread I have a couple of rules for myself.

      I will be focusing on what I have done.

      That means that whenever I move something forward, and it could be just reading a couple of pages, I will post what I have done.

      The actual note taking I will probably do in my note taking system as well as the assignments.

      And of course building the site. That would probably count as well s something I have done once I have done it.

      That’s pretty much it.

      Never done this with a program like this so will probably just figure things out as I go along in terms of posting or exactly what to post.

      Right now I have finished reading Brand Plan book.


      My temporary goal here is to read it again and do the excercises as well.


      Read Brand Plan once.

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      First post done, Brand Plan read once.

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      On 2nd Read Through, read 40 pages of 229.

      Made summaries of what I thought was important.

      Up next, 3. How to use the Brand Plan Template.

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      On 2nd readthrough, read pages 40-79 of 229.

      Made some notes.

      Did the Brand targets, Bulls eye target audience and audience needs.

      Up next, continue through the BrandPlan Template.

      Write first, edit later.

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      Jim Yaghi

      great work Nikolaij!

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      I’ve read thru the brand plan and have a target audience.

      read thru the website manual am having a hard time coming up with a name that is decent.

      still researching.


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      Hey guys!


      Currently finishing up two projects that started ballooning first to get back to this ASAP.


      Done this error before where I was doing way to many projects at once so caught myself doing it again and now it’s just laser focus and getting it done. BAM.


      Hmmm, can’t seem to get any email notifications when anyone posts in this thread even though it says I am subscribed…


      Nice work Craig!

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      Quick update.

      Finished reading through all 4 manuals so far and spending alot of time on the planning stage.

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      Another update, I now have over 500 subscribers.

      I think I might have progressed a little bit faster and quicker than we are supposed to do but I figure I probably will go over the steps again and look if something doesn’t work or tune things as I go along. First ever that I had this many subscribers so allthough I’m not completely there yet I’ll call this a small step and a win for now.

      Leads flowing in daily at a okay signup rate and at an okay cost for now.

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      That’s awesome man! Guess that you did jump ahead a bit. Are you presales pages up and everything?

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      Actually no, it is a bit of a long story but I have been trying to make several campaigns before, you know, just testing out stuff and not really understanding the whole picture.

      This was before STM.

      What happened was that after we got that spreadsheet I all of a sudden realized that I stopped a little bit early, not only on one campign but on several because I didn’t for some stupid reason understand where this was going. And I did not know what I should look for in terms of if this going the right way or not. Oh and I also did way too many campaigns at once.

      Seriously, looking back now it was a mess.

      So what I did was that I went back, after reading the manuals or the first two or something and redid the old campaign while looking at the numbers like a hawk. Like I am in there and logging numbers daily in my own spreadsheet and also looking at the spreadsheet provided to see if I am somewhere within where I should be.

      I also focused on only one campaign this time around.

      So I’ll be completely honest and say that I might have jumped some parts just to see if I could get okay metrics and then now I have to go back and redo some parts of this so everything is good to go.

      The most frustrating part of this is that we always try to get it right, while at the same time we have to fail a bit to move things along.

      So this still might not go the right way but at least I am taking action and I say to myself that this is a learning, doing and trying thing. Just going through the motions and alot of this seems to be in part that you have to put yourself out there, test, see what happens, something other happens and then you have figure it out.

      A bit like you mentioned in your thread about getting stuck some places.

      It’s almost like that is just a part of this and if you don’t get stuck then you might actually be doing it wrong.

      Better to think about it that way.

      Getting stuck should just make us imagine that we see a big sign saying “Yes, you are onto something, keep on going”

      Btw, do you actually get email notifications when I post? I don’t get any notifications. Would be nice to have that but if not then just have patience if I don’t reply straight away.

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      I am not sure if I am doing this correctly but I have the last couple of weeks written at least one daily email each weekday.

      This to start working on my writing skills.

      So right now I have just basically sat down and just started writing them out.

      No editing.

      Just to build the skill and get comfortable with it.

      Haven’t sent any out yet.

      Talk about having “approach anxiety” – worst case ever.

      Good news is that it will pass. It always does. If you stick with it.

      That is what I have for now.

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      That’s probably a good idea. At worst, you’ll have a bunch of emails you can use later. I’ve been on Ben Settle’s email list for a long time now and if things eventually go well with STM, I’d like to subscribe to his Newsletter. It’s kind of expensive at 100$ per month but it’s all about emailing daily and how to do it right. If anything, his emails are pretty entertaining.

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      Yeah, lot’s of inspiration from Ben Settle, that guy walks the talk in my opinion.

      So from the results so far…for some reason it really helps to focus on doing the steps.

      Which means that right now I am sending daily emails to a list.

      I did decide to stop the leadflow and focus on getting the emails written and sent.

      And so far the results haven’t been all that good.

      So using what we have learned here so far it is easy to “debug” what I’ve been doing wrong.

      Which means that already I can see that I have to go back and retune the initial plan.

      Since I have already done the steps it is now easier to retune it than start from scratch.

      So I still have some work to do.

      But it seems alot clearer on what to tune up and do.

      For the most part the biggest problem is not thoroughly knowing the market and being clear on who you want to attract.

      It’s strange but it almost seems more important to focus on who you DO want and try your best to repel all the others.

      Some stuff you don’t know until you have tried it out and seen if it works or not…and then you have to make adjustments.

      The most imporant thing is to keep on plugging.

      And revisit the books and look over things.

      It’s been great so far because I choose to not look at the final end result. It has been more about doing each step correctly because if you do each step right then you will end up with the desired end result.

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      Finished reading module 5. Great module!

      Got so many great ideas to implement, really like how all of this is laid together.

      Starting to see more of the big picture and I like where this is headed.

      So worth the wait.

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