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      Random issue which I’ve only been able to pin down to the day that I swapped my whole website theme over to Googly Website theme…

      I’ve started to get tonnes and tonnes of these ‘wordpress subscribers’


      I get emailed about them, which is why I’ve noticed


      Almost all of these look like classic spam…

      This guy has registered like 10 times with different names:

      So obviously there is footprint that these spam bots are picking up and registering with.

      But there are no comments (because Googly Website does not allow comments)


      I don’t/didn’t even really know what a wordpress subscriber was. And I don’t know how they are ‘subscribing’ lol…

      —so I found out—

      What Is A Subscriber…

      A subscriber may refer to a user role in WordPress. Usually the subscriber user role has very limited capabilities. Unless the default capabilities are changed, the subscriber user role is the most limited out of all the WordPress user roles. They can create and maintain their profile on a WordPress website, but they can not write or publish articles. Because they can login to the WordPress dashboard and make changes to their profile, this means that they have a very limited ability to modify the WordPress database. Just like with the other user roles, the default abilities of this role can be modified.

      With default settings, the subscriber role allows users to login to a WordPress website and leave comments without having to enter their details every time. This role is useful for people who frequently read a blog and are actively commenting. It can make leaving comments on a blog much easier and faster. The subscriber role can also be used to deliver additional content to users such as newsletter or access to the pages and posts that would otherwise be locked.

      Subscriber may also refer to a user who has subscribed to a website using an RSS feed, mailing list, or any other feature to receive updates from a website.

      —and then I knew—


      So, somehow or something, someone or whatever is creating subscriber accounts on my site like crazy… obviously a footprint or something they are scraping/finding and creating accounts with. The only thing a subscriber account allows them to do is not have to ‘login again’ when they leave a comment. But they can’t leave comments with Googly Website theme…

      Probably maybe they are creating the accounts to hopefully get some kind of backdoor hack into the database or something, like if I didn’t keep the site updated or something. Who knows.

      Either way, I am 1) deleting them. But 2) wanted to bring this up and ask…. is this Googly Theme or is this something unrelated? Because I’ve never seen it before and literally once I changed over to Googly Theme these things have just skyrocketed out of nowhere.


      Jim, I’m hoping your advanced technical expertise can provide some guidance with this…

      Any help is appreciated.


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