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      First of all, thanks for version 2.1! The integration with Ontraport works perfectly, and I’m super-excited about that. Now my website is fully functional:)

      I noticed a couple glitches with colors though:

      1. The option to make the button text on the optin widget either white or black works great. But, now I can not turn it back to the inherited color!
      2. Even more strangely, after I used the button color option on the optin widget, the color of the titles of some (but not all) of my blog articles changed to black! Some are still the nice orange color the theme generates … others are black. You can see this here: http://wellnessprosperitysystems.com/articles/
      3. I understand from the email you wrote about the update that visited hyperlinks are supposed to be the same color as unvisited hyperlinks. This is a great idea! But, on my site the visited hyperlinks are still changing to a pale grey color. You can verify this here: http://wellnessprosperitysystems.com/

      I hope this feedback is helpful!

      Best regards,


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      Jim Yaghi

      thank you for your feedback Robert. It’s good that you sent me the links because now i can actually track down the actual pages where this is happening. CSS selectors are often over-ridden based on priority and if i set the wrong priority, WordPress sometimes overrides what i’ve done with a higher priority. having this info will help me track down the problem. so thanks and i’ll get this sorted out today with the rest of the bug fixes.


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      Jim Yaghi

      Update corrects these issues and it’s now available for download!


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      Awesome, thank you Jim!!

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