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      Why is it when I select a featured image for a post (which also happens to be a sticky post) it now shows up twice when the post is viewed. First big on top right under the title, then again in the post.

      Like this:


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      I have the exact same problem. When inserting a featured image…the image shows up twice on the post like “Boel” is showing, making it look ridiculous 🙂


      Also Jim, I’d like to change the the size of the text in posts. It’s too big, as well as the color to black as opposed to the grey default color.







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      Got this response from Jim, and it takes care of the featured image problem:

      Remove the image from the post itself when it’s a feature image.

      The theme insists on placing the photo at the start of the post. So you can just set it as the feature image without inserting it in the post.

      Reason is, it formats feature images differently from standard images in the post. so if you have other images, you can put them in the post as normal, but for the image you want at the top, just use the featured image section without inserting it into the post body.

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      How wierd…I responded earlier today and the reply has disappeared ??


      Anyway, thanks Boel. That worked. Do you know if we can make the image left aligned instead of it being right aligned?

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      I do not know… that would be a question for Jim.


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      Jim Yaghi

      sorry guys…do you want me to remove that option in the next update? i’m going to release one tomorrow.


Viewing 5 reply threads
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