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      Christopher Wong

      Hi Jim,


      In your Cheat Sheet for YGW, item 12 mentions to create a front-end offer and sell

      that offer and use it to bridge people into your affiliate program.


      Can you provide an example ?


      Is it okay to do a “Pre-sell” and then link to the affiliate sales page (no exit-pop)

      or do we have to sell an item we can deliver (like ebook, video course etc.) ?


      The reason I’m asking is I will be using Google Adwords to drive traffic and don’t want to get banned.








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      Jim Yaghi

      You really do want to produce an actual front-end product if you go this route. As i also mentioned in the class, you can do whatever you want in the back-end (in your emails, in products you sell, in reports)..but what you put ON your site is going to be scrutinized.

      if you do a pre-sell page with a link, you run the risk of being considered a “bridge page” in the best case. which is a violation of terms.

      And in the worst case, that link will be checked and if the affiliate offer is considered in violation, you will get banned for being connected to it. and this could actually get very severe. there is no coming back from a ban caused by linking to a page you don’t own…it’s the most common irreversible ban.

      my advice?

      Avoid linking to any affiliate offer on your site. If you must link to one, do so in your EMAIL FOLLOW UP. never on your site.

      A product btw is not so hard to create. you can do a live recorded webinar about some topic and use it to presell your affiliate offer. then you can pitch that and make 100% of the money on it and then get commissions for the backend. but it’s totally optional. the only thing is you NEED to show you have products for sale and show that. even if you have to make it up or post like a consultation offer for $100 or something, a coming soon product, anything else.


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      Christopher Wong

      Thanks for the clarification……



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