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      Patrick Williamson

      Hey Jim,


      This isn’t a request for more features or to modify features in the theme itself, but for some added instruction regarding certain tasks you mentioned in the video tutorial (maybe you can post extra tidbits of instruction like this in the resources section?)


      I’m unclear about/don’t know how to do these things:


      1) For the conversion tracking plugin, does it only support either google or bing (not both), or does it support both at the same time? If it supports both, do I just paste the different tracking codes one after another?


      2) How do you remove the thank you/goal page from the sitemap?


      3) What are the dimensions/size of the graphic that goes right next to the “enter your email” filed on the opt-in box?


      Thank you for your time,


      Patrick W.

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      Jim Yaghi

      Hi Patrick,

      Good questions. no problem letme take care of them:

      1) conversion tracking plugin: you can use it for ANY tracking code that requires to be inserted in the BODY tag. (Most do, with rare exceptions for “analytics experiments” which requires it in the head tag). To insert BOTH google and bing, no problem, just paste the two pieces of code one after the other as you suggested. this is what i do when i use both.

      2) that would depend on your sitemap plugin that you’re using. usually there is an option to exclude certain pages. it’s not done through this theme because it doesn’t produce sitemaps. also, if you use Google Webmaster tools to build sitemaps, you can usually set this from there. i forget the exact structure. if you can give me some details on your install i should be able to be more specific. how do you produce sitemaps?

      3) 58×68 the one in the demo. but you can make it as WIDE as you like as long as it fits in the form, but keep the height to 68.

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      Patrick Williamson

      I have google analytics installed, but no other sitemap plugins or webmaster tools (I can just use your suggestions in your reply for this so you don’t have to elaborate further). 

      I’m almost ready to submit my blog for a google review before advertising. You mentioned the idea of doing this in an email several months ago. Do you guys perform this service as a google go-between, or is it easy and straightforward to submit my site directly to google?

      As always, thanks for your help and clarification!

      Patrick W.

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      Jim Yaghi

      Hey Patrick,

      There’s no way to submit a site for review to Google through their interface. Your only shot is to talk to standard support and ask them to take a look. Problem is, the guys who speak to you are the low-level support who don’t know jack and they give you a lot of subjective responses about their personal opinions and guesses. Which are actually worse than yours and mine.

      The thing you’re asking about, is a service that was discounted for KickStart customers. I’m guessing you saw it there–the service is linked in the Bonuses tab of KickStart members area. With that one, we talk with the compliance / review team themselves and have them take a look. In addition, we interpret their responses to practical steps for you. Before that even happens, we do our own review where we check the things we know come up every time, before we go to Google and make sure the site is our best attempt at compliance so they don’t form a bad first impression that they don’t change.

      I think the service is definitely worth using. I personally don’t start any client campaign before i’ve put it through the same process. Nothing worse than getting smacked off a week or few days after starting.


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