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      Hello Jim,

      I am experiencing a problem with the Google theme that I’d appreciate your support on.

      The theme keeps hyphenating words between lines instead of just moving the whole word to the next line.


      For example;

      Here is the issue occuring in the sales page template


      Here is the issue occuring in the inventory list


      Here is the issue occuring in the article posts overview


      Here is the issue occuring in the optin form


      Here is the issue occuring inside a normal post



      It seems to be prolific. One word is ‘familiar’ and just the ‘iar’ is on the next line.

      Resizing the window doesn’t solve the problem.

      Here is the issue occuring inside a smaller resized window.



      I don’t know if I have setup the theme incorrectly, or chosen an incorrect font, or what exactly the problem is.

      If you can please suggest how to fix it that would be fantastic. I really like the theme but I don’t want to have hyphons all through my text. Ie, 2 letters and then 3 letters? http://screencast.com/t/VxBtbPwalP8

      I would be happy if the theme just pushed the hyphenated word down to the next line, just to maintain the words together.



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      Jim Yaghi

      Hi Sick monkey,

      Yeah this is actually an issue in the Twentytwelve framework which i THOUGHT i fixed. but it seems something is still not quite right. Let me double check it and see what can be done about it, yah?

      meanwhile could you tell me what BROWSER you’re using?

      this thing is done with CSS and depending on your web browser it might be interpretting the rules differently.


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      Jim Yaghi

      i’ve just double-checked this in ALL my browsers:



      MS internet explorer

      and safari…

      i can’t make the same issue happen here. so it looks like either you’re using a browser that is not one of these or a plugin you’ve got installed or something else wrong in the setup. could you give me the link to the site and if possible, wordpress login info to double check your install, and the name of the browser you’re using, and if it’s mac or pc?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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