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      Hi Jim,

      Can you tell us more about what you do not like about using Genesis Theme and SEO plugins like Yoast? They are recommended by the professional community as being the best to use for creating optimized WP websites for searchengines.


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      Jim Yaghi

      Get a site worth being listed in search engines, then you can think about SEO.

      I disagree with how so many people obsess about SEO to the point they don’t write or create for humans any more. All they care about is the search engine ranking their site. The search engines ONLY care that you have a website that’s useful to people.

      How they do that is honestly quite irrelevant to you…

      I mean, so what if you get a #1 placement on some arbitrary search YOU think is good for you…when there are much better, more useful websites than yours for that same search?

      People will see your result in the same context as your betters. And yah, they might click thru…but then they see a pointless website that’s been “otpimised” to the shithouse, that reads like shit, and they’ll leave without getting their questions answered, and without registering to your list, and without buying your products.

      No money for you. And off they go to your betters. The people who focused on the PERSON not on Google’s bot.

      My beef with SEO plugins is that the industry tends to just stack them on top of each other, thinking they will do magic, and that without them, their site would never get search traffic. All they do in the end, is slow down their site unnecessarily and introduce incompatibilities between plugins that all clash. An open invitation to hackers, broken links, and frustratingly slow site speeds. And the content inside isn’t even worth any visitor putting up with all these problems.

      So i tell you guys not to install them. So you can focus on what matters.

      The Genesis theme, i don’t have an issue with it specifically. but i used it as an example of a theme that replaces huge parts of the WordPress functionality and increaes the complexity of your install. Making it harder to do some of the simplest things that we as marketers need.

      I’ve had countless problems with clients who use it and thesis and optimisepress. countless issues that pertain to tracking campaigns correctly. 

      I created the Google Friendly Theme SIMPLE ON PURPOSE.

      It doesn’t have a lot of features, on purpose. Because what you guys need is very specifically these things. I didn’t want you distracted with gadgets and gizmo’s you don’t need. I didn’t want to overload it with unnecessary code and millions of options. I put just the stuff you need, no more, no less. I intentionally restrict you from making 100 landing pages, because there’s never any need for it. I intentionally focus you on your content and your visitors, because that’s all that matters.

      So for anyone who likes masturbating to SEO tools, i wish them the best of luck.

      For everyone else who wants to actually make money from their website, follow my instructions to the letter and don’t try to innovate until you’ve actually built a website that sells. Then go to town all you want with tweaking your site.


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