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      Patrick Williamson

      Hey Jim,


      Almost through setting up my site with your theme, and wanted to talk about the opt-in box/capture page button text.


      The text uses one of the secondary colors against a primary color. In my case, with a primary of blue and a secondary of light yellow/gold, the button text is very hard to read.


      Could you modify the theme so that a person can specify a different color for that button text specifically, such as being able to make it either white or black of whatever would be readable against various colors. 


      Thank you for your time,


      Patrick W.

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      Jim Yaghi

      can you show me, Patrick? i thought i put a shadow effect on it but maybe it still needs more work

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      Patrick Williamson

      Here’s my opt-in box: http://simplefunnelsystem.com/posts/


      Here’s my capture page: http://simplefunnelsystem.com/subscribe2


      I usually look at my (desktop) computer screen about 3 to 3 1/2 feet away from my face, and to my eyes, the button text is hard to read. The capture page is a bit easier because of the button text size, but the opt-in box is definitely hard to read.


      Let me know what you think.


      Patrick W.

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      Jim Yaghi


      Why is your text so small in the headline? you seem to be using the “small” class on the whole thing. You should just let it use the default setting and only use “small” for some of the text if you really need to.

      I see what you’re saying about the color being hard to see in the submit button. perhaps using a white would look better. try to add this into the body section just see if it works:

      <style>.optinbox .submitbutton input{color: #fff}</style>

      Add this anywhere you want in the body.

      See if it fixes it?



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      Patrick Williamson

      Yep, that did the trick! Much easier to read now.


      For the headline, I used the small class throughout because it looked way too big with the amount of words I’m using in it. In fact, some of the words bleed into each other on the opt-in box headline.


      The way the bigger version looks on the capture page is way too big too, so I kept it small to look good for both headlines. 


      I know you designed it to only accomodate a certain amount of words, so I’m not complaining. Your theme kicks ass, and I’m sure you’ll tweak it further over time to make it even better.


      Thanks for the help!


      Patrick W.

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