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      Jim Yaghi

      Hey guys,

      It’s me jim and i really want to get to know each and every one of my students. So write to me and tell me what you’re working on and what your goals are this year.

      I’ll go first…

      Hi. My name is Jim, and i’m a total Traffic GEEK.

      I was born in Kansas (YAH FOR REALZ!) and grew up all over the world…Currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with my wife who is very pregnant with my first son Baby Adam!

      My goals this year are to add 12 new products to the YaghiLabs inventory. Clean up all the stuff i’ve rushed through over the years and really fine-tune our website. i’d like to outsource more, even though it’s hard for me to do…and i’ve got two pet projects going on (Mobile Apps) that i’d like to finish up and start marketing locally.

      What about you?

      Tell me about you!



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      Roger Aburto

      Hi my name is Roger Aburto!

      I was born in Nicaragua and raised in Costa Rica Central America. I am currently livin in Salem Oregon, USA.

      I have three main projects going on:

      1** Teach my fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses how to witness online…Yeap…I have become a devote Jehovah’s Witness…even though the training is FREE I will have free toools to help them reach more people than door by door…and I will offfer them choices(paid) of the likes Talk Fusion Connect…Pure Leverage…and Send Out Cards…for that purpose

      I am building two sites  for Jehovah’s witnesses only….and for general public which I will invite fellow brothers and sisters around the world to join forces to write articles to redirect open minded people to so we will not only fill the streets of 235 countries in more than 600 languages… but now we will have a great presence online too.

      2** I opened a Clinic to do Biomagnetism and Laser therapy along with Homeopathic Medicine…and now I am doing my logo…to start a campaign… 

      3** Is to finally sell services to my Small Business Community here in Salem Oregon…for that porpuse I will put to work all the great material I have bought from Yaghi Labs.

      Thus far my biggest mistake is rely on other people’s skills rather than develop mine…but my goal this year is to roll my sleeves and start learning myself..and doing things myself.


      Wish you all the life’s best!


      Roger Aburto

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      Hey, Faith Ene here!

      Nigerian by descent and Canadian by naturalization. I live with my husband in Regina Canada. We have two sons, a daughter-in-law and a fabulous grandson, who is just a year old. He is a joy!

      My goal this year is to build a content rich website that is Google adwords compliant and be my own boss in the true sense of the word. Without a background in programming it is very difficult to secure one’s site in very competitive affiliate opportunities. Other marketers (unscrupulous) with the knowledge of programming are able to steal leads and thereby commissions from the uninitiated. 

      Not complaining here, I however need to overcome this huddle of not making money in an opportunity where some are making 6 figures and I am doing same things and more.

      Several years ago, I had done adwords, it was quite expensive but I did get results – laser targeted and responsive leads-, so my second goal is to do adwords again without being banned and for a lot cheaper than my first attempt.

      The third goal is to have a product that would sell like Tim Hortons or starbucks from sunrise to sunrise.

      This last goal is something I had contemplated doing about six years ago but procrastinated and here I am six years on and still have not acquired the relevant knowledge needed to run my internet business. I am going to register for some courses in internet marketing and security at the university of Regina. There I said it. Now to do it!

      Thanks for listening to my musings and here’s wishing you the very best that life has to offer you.


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      Wazzup everyone! 🙂

      My name is Carlos Torres, I’m a Software Engineer / Online Marketing Phreak located in Rochester, New York at the moment.

      I’m a huge fan of hard rock/heavy metal, love skateboards, love reading everything marketing-related and geeky-related, love playing video games and everything geeky related with computers and programming.

      Around July of 2012 I got introduced of the world of online marketing and I got hooked!

      I’ve done multiple things in the epic world of IM (with successes here and there), but I’m completely new when it comes to the world of traffic generation with beautiful ol’ Mr. Google. (read: I’m a newbster).

      My Personal Goal is to be able to absorb everything being taught here and FINALLY fulfill my dream of pursuing online marketing full-time. By achieving this, it will allow me to quit my day job and move with my wife to our dream place which is: Cancún baby!

      And I also know that the knowledge I will gain here will dramatically help me in the offline world too (if I decide to pursue that later on which I hear is quite lucrative too!).


      Looking forward to the training and I’m ready to make it happen! BIG TIME!

      Wish you all the best, take care and let’s enjoy the epic ride! 🙂


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      Ok guys,

      My name is Nick. Been doing this for quite some time now and I have to say… Jim’s stuff is da bomb! His stuff produces results, one way or the other.

      I am absolutely no newbie. Been making money with my own business for a long time now. 

      Can’t wait to start implementing the theme on my websites and applying Jim’s philosophy of building a funnel optimized for paid traffic.

      I do have a question though:

      Is it possible for you, Jim, to post a link to the discounted items in the upsell process? Something went wrong for me on the webpages and it went too fast. I am specifically interested in the Traffic Accellerator. But would like to take a look at the other one, too.

      If not, that’s cool. But I feel a bit bummed that I didn’t have a chance to properly look at them. And you did promise the discounts as a bonus, after all. 😉

      Hope you can do that for us!



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      Jim Yaghi

      Guys and gals,

      thanks for taking the time to write in with your introductions. i’m excited to give you this training…a little nervous that it goes overtime haha. but i’ve been hard at work these past few days updating the theme for you and making it a little bit “prettier” than it used to be and checking it for problems.

      privatenicholas – i don’t mind extending the discount to you. only trouble is that i don’t have a public version of the sales page for traffic accelerator. so it’s only accessible within the funnel. if you know you want this product, i can just give you the direct checkout link and you’ll get the discounted price on it. is that cool?

      For anyone who missed the KickStart upsell and wants the discounted price, email me at and i’ll give you a private coupon code. i will ONLY extend the discount until the 5th. after that, the discount code will expire.


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      Hi Jim,

      Yeah, that’s completely cool. I will send you an email for it. 🙂



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      Hello Guys,


      I’ve been on Jim’s list for about a year and this is the second product I’ve purchased.

      I’m excited to learn more and look forward to the training. 

      I believe Jim is ahead of somany online marketeres I’ve come across.  

      His traininings far excede those of the get rich quick crowd that’s becomming out of control to a degree.


      Thanks Jim

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      Hey All

      My name is Adolfo and Im sick And Tire of hemorrhaging money on-line! I’m here to Chew Bubble Gum and Kick Virtual Ass and I’m all Out Of Bubble Gum!

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      Hey everyone,

      My name’s Sayan and I’m from Long Island, NY. I run a small supplement company & have a fat loss info product which I’m beginning to sell. Been doing some traffic buying recently but I’m trying to real figure out a good strategy, since my conversions aren’t yet where I want them to be.

      Excited for this webinar and to set up a “Googly” webiste and start advertising there too (I’ve been doing FB this last month or so)!

      Goals are to sell 500 bottles of my supplement by Sep. 2014 & 1,000 copies of my info product. Got a ways to go for this to happen, but I’m gonna figure it out. 

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      Hi everyone,

      my name is Warren Greenidge and I live on the Island of Barbados with my wife, both born here. Marketing consultant for companies on basic SEO copywriting, etc. Started marketing in 2008 with a network marketing company.

      Goals for this year profitably launch my own product and have it as an online staple.

      Sell large volumes of some affiliate products I have and have a streamline import business here in Barbados and then expand globally.

      Ritire my wife from teaching. Yes all this year.

      Wishing you all success,


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      My name is Alan, I live in the UK and work in a gym teaching Muay Thai.  I’m employed.

      I was born in Ireland and moved to England as a child and I have a brand new baby girl less than a week old.  She’s cool – Jim, good luck with your son.  It’s wicked being a parent and I have a new-found respect for women, what they can do and what they can endure!

      My purpose for being here (in Yaghi labs) is that I work on a website in between lessons for my boss and I’d like to generate new leads for classes and 1-2-1 training.  My goal is to get more traffic and better conversion for that traffic.

      At home I dabble a little with ‘internet marketing’ whatever that vague phrase means, create my own products and have an ‘internet marketing’ list I email as well as a handful of affiliate products.  Again, I’d like to use this training to build a bigger list and … make more sales (surprise surprise)! 🙂

      Look forward to chatting to folk in the forum and banging heads.

      Thanks Jim.




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      Hi all,

      My name is Paul, I also live in the UK and I have a number of existing web sites for various parts of my business Heating and plumbing.

      I have a couple blogs linked with main web sites ( acompany site and an ecomerce site) along with a wordpress site for my “bricks and mortar” shop selling boiler spares.

      The first site I am going to use this on is a personal site to rent a house I have on the North Cornwall coast.

      I have been learning from Jim for more than a year and I am a serial Yaghi labs addict. All his stuff is top notch so looking forward to implementing and getting results from this template.

      My problems are time (44 employees accross 8 related departments) but I am hooked on marketing so spend about 1/3 of my day on on-line and off-line stuff. Seeing results but not quite passed the tipping point.

      My goal this year is to break through the ‘breaking even’ barrier on all my efforts.



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      Hello All,

      My name is Craig I’m in the US and Jim’s courses are the best. My goals are to get better at the aff. marketing thing which seems to be getting harder all the time.

      I want to sell diet/nutrition and exercise/weight lifting type products/courses thru my aff links.I’ve been suspended from Google and would like to get compliant and get back to advertising with them.

      Trying FB right now just getting started, so we’ll see


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      Hi Jim and Everyone,

      My name is Robert Grossman and I’ve been building a business for about a year as a coach/consultant/guru to the wellness industry.

      I spent 22 years as a top management consultant working for some of the biggest companies in the world. I was a McKinsey consultant for a lot of that time, and then had several corporate strategy jobs.

      But I had a health crisis that forced me to abandon the corporate world. Now I’d like to apply that business strategy experience to help small businesses and entrepreneurs who are all about health, wellness and healing — my personal passions.

      Over the last year, I made a lot of mistakes building my business and I wasted a lot of time. Right now I’m in the process of completely re-starting. This time with a more intelligent approach.

      I’m putting together a membership program based on a print newsletter, a variety of training courses, and a one-on-one coaching offer. That’s what I’ll be promoting this year.

      When a friend sent me the link for the sales page for Jim’s Googly website training, I knew right away that this is for me. The whole idea of creating a website that’s FUNCTIONAL instead of just trying to be pretty … this idea completely turned me on from the first moment.

      Now that I’ve purchased and watched the training … this is unbelievable. It’s a completely rational, strategic approach to building a website. I LOVE IT! Great work, Jim!!!

      In fact, I was so impressed that I immediately installed the theme on my website and started to re-do the whole website. I’ve put lots of time and energy into creating this site over the past year, with a Genesis theme and lots of plugins. But what I learned from your training, Jim, completely changed the way I think about it. Now I intend to implement your Googly website strategy.

      Since I’m re-launching my business anyway, it’s the perfect opportunity to rebuild the website.

      THANKS for sharing your super-smart approach to building a functional website.

      Best regards,

      Robert Grossman

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