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      Patrick Williamson

      (Note: I thought I’d repost this here just in case I didn’t post it in th right place before)

      Hey Jim,

      You said on the presentation that if you started over, you would start your blogging efforts on Tumblr instead of a blog on your own hosting and domain.

      How would that strategy work with ppc? If all of your content wasn’t on your own domain, and your own domain only had a capture page that you’re driving the ppc traffic to, wouldn’t the big ad networks be less likely to let you advertise with them?

      Adding on to this: would you recommend better networker instead of tumblr to post all of my content to (since I’m a network marketer), or is tumblr inherently better for viral traffic?

      Awesome presentation!

      Patrick Williamson

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      Jim Yaghi

      Hey Patrick,

      i responded to you in the comments section already. But let me do it again here…

      As far as using Betternetworker (or some other niche site) for your traffic epidemics, it’s always easier to dominate a niche site than it is to dominate a mainstream site.

      If you used, say, YouTube for example, you would be trying to get a “best of category” listing. on a site like Betternetworker, you’d be able to get a “best of website” listing.

      as for using Tumblr instead of your own website, there’s no rule that says you can’t send PPC traffic into your tumblr blog. and you can make modifications to themes to allow you to create optin boxes. Someone on can help you with that for $5. or if you like to hack a little, you can figure it out for yourself by editing your theme. we did this exact thing for a few clients already who we felt it was a better fit for them to keep blogs. we sent their ppc traffic to tumblr directly and had their squeeze page installed there.

      in fact, if it’s just a squeeze page, it’s just a matter of copying over your HTML and CSS files to the tumblr shared server and then pasting your page HTML into a HTML page at Tumblr and replacing the URL paths to the shared tumblr ones.

      you can also have your own domain at Tumblr if you want!


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      Patrick Williamson

      Awesome. Thanks for the pointers Jim!

      (using a big community blog or article site instead of your own piddly domain… totally obvious – yet breakthrough – approach to getting more organic traffic than what most experts teach)

      I’m going to do a traffic epidemic on Betternetworker using a long series of marketing related content I’ve created plus using that angle to also generate ppc leads to my email list and then driving them to Betternetworker. My emails and articles will have transition angles and cta’s for them to get more information on my downline-building method I told you about before.

      Patrick Williamson

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      Jim Yaghi

      yah definitely give that a whirl. it might be better though to do short series to keep interest up. you know, like they do with TV. all the good shows do like 10 ep’s total per season then break. and the even better shows they cut the viewer off before the viewer cuts them off.

      so perhaps you can find multiple short-series of 4-6 and do them with some time apart to create a little anticipation in between.

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