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      I am going to do an epidemic, and try it out and figure it out.

      My offer is a free book. This is a huge value offer that many people love. They have to optin to my list to get it.

      For this I target Australia Only, so I was thinking how to target Australia. I really think I’ll target which is an ‘australian broadband internet site’ but the forums have pretty much anything in them. Its the biggest forum in Australia.

      I have a seed list of 1200 which I get a 10% email open from each broadcast, and about 50-60 close friends and associates who would really help me with this.

      I’m pretty sure I understand the process, and just need to do the video again and really get my head around it.

      A really big question I have for discussion which I think will be pertinent is this…

      If I start a thread on the forum, doing a review of the book or whatever. Then I use my seed list to go to the forum and comment, vote, thanks, etc…

      BUT: most/all of my seed list will not have an account on the forum. So, all the responses etc will be from people with 0 posts or 1 post.

      Won’t this look suspicious or weird? Will the forum moderators suspect something from a 1st time thread, and many 1st time posters?

      Your comments are appreciated.


      Warmest Regards,

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      Jim Yaghi

      it might be a good idea to send out an initial email telling them why you like this site and why you think they should get an account there. this will get a large number of them to sign up for accounts. you can incentivize it even if you like to really push more of them to get accounts.

      once you’ve done that, tease them a little with posts you thought were interesting just to get them used to using the forum. then you do your campaign.

      it MAY look suspicious to other users if the initial base only has 1 post, but it’s no big deal. eventually you’ll start getting responses from active users of the forum who will have a lot more activity than your guys. you’re just seeding off them…plus the forum makes no distinction when it highlights active threads to the top. it doesn’t care if a person is new or not and in the end you’re just doing this to get visibility to other forum users.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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