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      I am not sure where else to post this, but I saw Jim mentioning in the “examples/swipes” guide that he used a automated system for messaging. But it wasn’t there anymore.

      I really don’t know if anyone wants this, but I personally use Buffer to load in shitloads of messages for Twitter and let it post away. Here is the link:


      I also use this to find influencers in the twitter community and connect with them:


      Just a retweet from a big influencer could really help in this Traffic Epidemic technique. So I thought it would be useful enough to share.

      I hope someone will find this useful.

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      Jim Yaghi


      that particular platform worked differently. it was targeted tweets, being sent out to people whose tweets matched a certain keyword or phrase i was interested in targeting. the power of the method was that responses (@ repliies) were sent automatically and immediately after a person said something. so it looked VERY natural and real.

      unfortunately, the platform i used at the time had to switch to a manual method of operation. it could no longer send @ replies automatically. you had to go in, look at the messages it matched and then choose to send your message one at a time. this made it a lot less effective so i stopped using it.

      it sounds like your bufferapp does something else entirely. it lets you basically setup tweets for a whole day or month or whatever and have them scheduled to go out. i’m not a fan of that approach because the tweets just aren’t natural…kinda like i don’t use follow-up campaigns in email and prefer to do broadcasts. they’re just more effective and people seem to be able to sense the “staleness” of a scheduled message.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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