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      Ok, so fired up and ready to give this a twirl. I find the technique very fascinating. I am left with a very important question though:

      Between blogging and article directories, what would be the best choice when in a niche market?

      I would think article directories. But the problem is that you don’t generally have the modification freedom you talked about plus you are limited in the amount of URLs you can use. So what would be some directories where you can apply this technique?

      Then there are also platforms like Squidoo. I noticed you didn’t mention that. Is Tumblr or Typepad bigger/better or is it because you see it is more of an infection network?

      Hope the questions make sense. And that the answers can benefit others, too.

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      Jim Yaghi

      Hey Nick,

      i didn’t talk about Squidoo and Hubpages because i haven’t really used them in any big way myself. but they are definitely good Incubation platforms to use.

      ideally, you would want to use a niche site whenever possible if you only have a small list. the impact is always bigger there. but sometimes it’s enough to just take over a particular category of a major website. 

      article directories are still a valid choice – you can reference your articles by name without links and they will show up in the related field. also you can just have them on your author profile. but yah, to really get the full power of it, you wanna shop around for an article directory that gives you a bit of flexibility with linking. 

      Using the Part 1, Part 2 titles will also push people to go look for your stuff. Even on YouTube that would be the way to do it, and then use annotations and the video description to link the rest. but chances are your titles will help the videos show up in the relate section which is a lot more impactful anyway.


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      Hey Jim,

      Thanks a lot for your answer!

      I will look around for some other sites. But you made a valid point with the naming comment. If I would go for something like ezine articles, I should keep that in mind.

      My list would easily send about 1000 visitors. Possibly even more. That is why I was thinking a bit bigger. So it’s going for huge and making the impact there vs smaller but more niched.

      Your answer did help though. I am going to plan this all out after a night’s sleep. Consider what will make the biggest “Epidemic” impact in my particular case.


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      Jim Yaghi


      there’s no reason you can’t execute several Epidemic attempts. You don’t have to have a big result firs ttime…if you can prove the concept to yourself to some degree in your first attempt, you can do it again and again.

      plus, there’s no reason you can’t send several emails about the same piece of content or pieces of content to keep them alive.

      .let me know how it works out!


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