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      Hello, everyone, my name is Frank Daley.


      I joined some time ago but am just now getting started here.

      Jim has already suggested a response to this query and I would like input from fellow members if you have the time.

      It would help me clarify the structure for the three sites for my new business, Self Knowledge College.



      July 25, 2013

      I know everyone is busy with his or her own work but I thought I’d ask about this in case anyone cared to respond.

      Thank you for being so kind as to do so.





      I am starting a self-development Internet business called SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE, the job of which will be to help people learn about themselves.  


      I am deciding how to structure (SKC) retaining the core idea of self-knowledge while narrowing the focus into several promising sub-niches.


      My premise is that you have to know yourself in life or you won`t be able to make the right decisions with regard to your life, for example, your career or life partner.

      1.    You will not be in the right line of work
      2.    You will not be with the right person
      3.    You will not be happy.


      You can’t really discuss self-confidence, self-concept, self-awareness or any other of the myriad “self-compound” topics without addressing self-knowledge first, but I have not seen a site that does that. They stick to a sub-topic such as self-esteem.


      Many parents advise their children to:  “Just be yourself.”  However, that advice is useless unless the child or person KNOWS herself.



      My differentiation is that I get to the solution of presenting problems they discuss by knowing more about yourself first. No one else in the field approaches these topics in this demonstrably more effective and permanent way.


      On the biggest self-development site in the world ( there are dozens of people in self development topics –self-esteem, self-awareness, etc.–but there is no-one teaching self knowledge–which is the elemental element of the whole self-development field. 


      MY BOOK(S)

      My book is Who Are You And What Are You Doing Here? The way to know yourself and get what you want.  

      I also have two workbooks to accompany the core book, one for the general reader and one is for at-risk students in danger of failing or dropping out of school. There are millions of them, sadly, but it means there is a potentially large sub-niche market.


      I began a blog last year called The Daley Post. I posted for a few months as I learned some blogging ropes.


      I stopped posting while I wrote the workbooks and I also prepared my home site, SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE during this time.



      I am aware of the admonition to “narrow your niche.” My potential clients for Self-Knowledge College are people “who have a serious problem in life but they don’t know what it is and they don’t know how to solve it.”

      That’s not a niche, but it is a potential audience comprising many sub-niches.

      I will market to narrow sub-niches by helping people first with presenting problems  (procrastination, career path selection, etc.) before leading them to the underlying cause of all the problems: a lack of self-knowledge.



      Narrowing my niche(s) is the reason for creating my third site (under construction) DROPOUT TO DEAN’S LIST: a focus on the sub-niche of at-risk students who can benefit from self-knowledge.

      Students who lack self-knowledge often fail to select a college program that suits their abilities.  They then can’t muster the drive to follow-up in school and they get discouraged and dropout or fail. They also have study skill difficulties that I can address and they can also benefit from the general Self-Knowledge College subjects. There will be some cross-over between content on both sites.


      On SKC, I’ll concentrate initially on the problem of “how to find a suitable mate.” My first  major product will be a six-week course called: How to Stop Dating Losers and Find a Good Man. At the end of the course, while I can’t promise a man immediately, I can promise that they’ll never date another unsuitable person again. Later, I will introduce ways of solving problems with procrastination and time management as related to self-awareness.




      FIRST, people are apprehensive about self-knowledge. They may have heard it’s important but they believe they are not intelligent or educated enough for kit. That is not true but the perception is there.


      SECOND, you actually have to do some work and devote some time to get to know yourself.  You can’t just download a low-priced product and get your problems solved in an hour. I know I have to create some short, specific entry-level products that help people immediately and I’m doing that but helping a person solve a serious problem with procrastination  or self-awareness can’t be done with a $47 product in 30 minutes. The funnel approach is difficult with my work.


      I will concentrate on their main presenting problems at first– that reflect a lack of SK–then lead them to the understanding that Self-knowledge is a key to their success.


      The original business intention was to that SKC consist of three sites:




      The home site for general personal education for the 21st century.



      The site for AT-RISK STUDENTS (senior high school, college and university mainly) and their frantic parents.

      (This site is under construction–although it does have an information/sign up placement page available to view.)

      My first site, the blog, which I also intend(ed?) to be the email communication arm for subscribers of both Self-knowledge College and Dropout to Dean’s List.



      My question/problem is what is the best way to present this business in terms of sites and operation?


      Dropout to Dean’s List (DDL) is my first attempt to narrow the niche—to market to a sub-niche for students who can benefit from gaining Self Knowledge. It is designed to be a sister site of the parent site, SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE (SKC).

      DDL is linked to SKC and the blog, The Daley Post. The intended marketing would clearly indicate the relationship between SKC and DDL. Perhaps too much.

      I was planning to make the blog, The Daley Post, act as an information arm between the other two sites, but maybe it’s simpler and better to just contact them with Email IDs from each individual site. It might be confusing to use The Daley Post in that way. It means three logos, different lists etc.

      Although it does have the advantage of being delivered daily from The Daley Post in terms from the point of view of name association and branding.

      I was going to write /post/curate on any of the sites—especially The Daley Post– first, and then send appropriate content  from there to the other two sites. That’s where I think it might get confusing.

      But I see other people, including a lot of Internet marketers, having their sites and also a blog. I will have to market, of course, but I will not bet an Internet marketer/teacher at all.

      So I’m finding choosing the right approach perplexing! I know I’m going to make mistakes but I hope to prevent a serious one! 

      The Main question is not whether to have Dropout to Dean’s List as an entirely separate site—which it will be– or to link it to Self-Knowledge College—which it will do– but whether to have a more close knit association with SKC. That is, showing the relationship between and among all three sites on Emails and other material.  

      One possibility is to take The Daley post out of the mix.

      I can see advantages from several points of view but I’m leaning toward separate sites and marketing in the main with a link to SKC and periodical notes to indicate that the two sites are related.


      Thank you for taking the time to consider this question.

      Frank Daley







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      Hi Frank.

      Sorry a late reply but maybe it can still help.

      Have you already decided what to do? 


      I like your site ideas and i think self knowledge is something we can all use a lot more of!


      I always end up doing things the complicated way, not by design but it usually turns out that way

      So when i read your post i noticed a few things:


      It might not seem much but keeping 3 sites updated with new content takes time, especially if you don’t really love writing (and good curating is a lot of work)

      It also means sending traffic to 3 different sites


      Are you doing this on your own or do you have help?


      If it was me i would skip the blog and create 1 big brand with the DDL being part of that brand but on a separate site

      (that is if you don’t want to sell it separately in the future)


      A bit like the food channel (or any other network) promoting different shows they created under 1 big brand,  with 1 product logo and the main brand logo or a mix of both

      You can then do that for other products like the dating one too (or have the option to do so)


      I would keep the emails separate so each site has their own follow up but you could add a comment to the signature that says something like DDL is part of SKC so people know about it.


      Then add those emails as blog posts to the sites (as Jim suggests in the training)

      This way you are repurposing the emails + you still have a blog


      It does seem to me like the SKC will cover a lot of different topics.

      How do you plan to give people the info they are looking for?

      Though a personal quiz?

      Specific email follow ups?

      Do you keep it general?

      (see me making things more complicated again)


      That’s all I can think of for now hope it helped.

      When you get this all sorted out and you have a plan it does become a lot easier


      Good luck!


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