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      Like Roger said in his posts the forum is a bit quiet…


      Does anyone have any ideas how we can bring this forum back from the dead? (do we even want to?)

      There are still 9 months to go so its worth it to see if we can make it work for us


      Nobody has the time to read through hours of forum posts and i don’t think it will get to that here but

      if people don’t come to the site there is no point in posting here either


      The notes in the first month made people come back to the site and there were loads of comments then,

      maybe Jim can come up with something similar for the next pillars


      I think most of us work alone and a sounding board of people who at least know what your talking about

      would be a really nice thing to have, especially because we all follow the same steps


      So lets see who still logs in a few times each week…

      please leave a reply

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      I’ll go first:


      I like to make the most of the forum and I’ll commit to login in a few times each week and help where i can



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      I ditto that.


      I have noticed that people does not even answer when you try to encourage them to keep moving forward praising their efforts.


      Be well,


      Roger Aburto.

      P.S. By the way my 1st project is religious…and Jim opened my appetite for blogging my 2nd project….so I will start to blog about weight loss and nutrition next saturaday… at Empower Network.

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      I agree.

      It’s difficult because there is no notification of postings and who knows if someone is going to respond.

      I will commit to checking in a few times a week too, Marious I’m not as far along as you. but I will

      do what I can. Even back and forth communication can spark ideas.


      I will bring this up in the next webinar  with Jim so its made “public” and we can ressurect this.


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      Thanks Wyla that’s a good idea!

      Would be great if they got a reminder that there is a forum here with people who want to help each other..


      We all follow the same steps and know what’s coming so it doesn’t really matter where we are on the map 🙂


      Hope we can make it work again!


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      I asked Jim in tonight’s (1/31) Business Plan Webinar if he would send out a reminder to get people to participate in the forum.


      He said he would do so!


      Hopefully we will see more participation.

      I’m still working on my business plan, back at it. 🙂


      Thanks Marious and Roger!


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      I didn’t know there was a webinar tonight!!!


      Did an email go out announcing tonight’s webinar? 


      I agree with everyone –  it sure is quite around here. With the lack of participation here I can’t help but feel everyone else is moving along without issues – glad to hear I’m not along, 

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      Thanks Wyla hope it helps

      Good luck with your plan!



      it was a catchup webinar for the plan (there was a link for it in the signup for the last website webinar email)


      You’re definately not the only one!

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      Marious, thank you! I haven’t seen Jim send out a reminder yet. Hopefully he will do so soon!

      I am looking forward to seeing your website, you have the travel service I’ve always wished existed!


      Larry,  the webinar on 1/31/ was for people who haven’t finished their Business Plan. The link to sign up was about 1/2 

      way down the e-mail for the last Website Webinar we had. Jim combined two sign ups in one e-mail.

      Jim introduced a great tool to help with business growth, that might be worth your time to review.  He said he would send out the spreadsheet so we could all “play”with it for our businesses. If you go to the last 30 minutes of the Business Plan webinar held on 1/31/2013 you can see it there.

      Thanks, Guys!


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      It’s great to some of the people in the group keeping the forums going.  I haven’t checked much lately, especially over the holiday period, but will also endevour to drop in regularly.


      My plan has evolved quite a bit from the inital cut after thinking through some of the webinars.  I’m more excited about the direction I’m taking now.  It funny how webinar the about all the legal pages, and knowing I was doing it with the proper disclaimers in place, gave me the confidence to go into a more targeted health issue niche site which is more what I wanted to do.


      Time to work on that offer!




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      Thanks to everyone who checked in on this thread.  I will also check in several times a week to see what’s shakin’ and contribute where I can.  See you all soon…  Right? 

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      What an echo!

      I haven’t been checking in like I should, but that can be changed.

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