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      Hello peers!

      Have any of you have done some numbers abouy how much it cost to cheat in all the proccess?

      According to my numbers we are talking about 7K+ dollars…but I would like to be sure…so

      if any of you is so kind and come up with your findings or rather numbers.


      Please let me know…I do not know why in this forum the crikets are shirping


      You all be well,


      Roger Aburto

      Hispanic living in Oregon,USA

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      ok I thought it would be easier to just list the numbers here (it’s no secret 😀 )


      brand plan cheat option:       $349

      website cheat option:            $997

      offer cheat option:                $660

      product cheat option:            $1997

      lead gen cheat:                   $ 389

      customer collection cheat:    $389

      email follow up cheat           $1228

      traffic cheat:                       $1228

      total:                                 $7237

      so yes about $7000

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      Yes…many thanks my friend!


      I needed to be sure…of course I did notice that there is a couple of steps that are a bit open to more expenses.


      Be well Marlous,


      Roger Aburto

      P.S By the way Marlous how your project is going?What is it you are working on?

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      No problem Roger,


      I’m working on a city trip travel site, giving people personalised ideas for places to stay and things to do while they are on their trip. Right now I’m finishing up writing the sightseeing content for the first 30 cities, should be all up and running including autoresponders by the end of next week..

      then its time to test if it all works before i start on the other cities, we should end up at 100 destinations or so

      Back to writing 😀


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      Hi Robert,

      Are you planning to get your cheating done as soon as possible to get your plan up and running and making money as soon as possible?

      I’ll be cheating some steps, I’m doing the steps myself where it’s plays to my strengths and will be getting some cheat support when I think that will be a more time/value effective option.  It’s good we have the option to pick and choose where to leverage Jim and his team.



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      Yes…I am planning on doing so as soon as possible…what is holding me back…is the fact that you pay to cheat…NOT COACHING…and at the end all is on your shoulder… if you get stuck… all the project got stuck… if you made something wrong you pay the consecuences… and at the end everything is up to you.

      My project is very straightforward….I would like to convert my site in a Viral Blogging  Platform pretty much like SBI(Site Bild It) or Empower Network and I am very clear what my target audience is…and very clear what my mission is…and my vision…and my values…but I have no computer skills…I am not a techie.

      By the way my site is   need a extreme makeover(not the graphics).

      I wish you the life’s best,


      Roger Aburto

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