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      Thanks Dennis – I will take you up on your offer but I’m not quite there yet. My skype username is larry.szot

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      Hey Dennis,

      Love the slider on your site! Which plugin is that? Thanks.

      All the best,

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      Hi Larry,

      Thanks – 

      The website is WordPress with a Simple Press theme by Elegant Themes.

      The slider is part of the theme – However we had to recode some of stylesheet to get it to perform the way it is on the site.

      Not sure we would use Elegant Theme products again – we prefer Genesis platform for WP and StudioPress themes.




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      Thanks for the feedback Dennis. I’m using Thesis.

      Take care,


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      I have a couple questions that I hope the group can help me with.


      1. How do we create a sales/shopping page for items that compliment are main product. A good example would be books that compliment our product, and I’ve seen sites where they have setup an Amazon ‘shopping’ page for books or whatever. My question pertains to the creation of the page and site navigation. Do we just copy and paste images & content from Amazon to a blank page or does Amazon, for example, provide a page/link once we become an affiliate? I’ve seen this on numerous sites but don’t know how it’s done.


      2. I asked this in an earlier thread but I’m still uncertain as to the best way to approach retail options versus bizop options,  If the product we’re promoting has a retail option and a bizop option can the two options be structured on the same site in a manner that they are virtually invisible to each other – in effect two sites on one domain name. Or should we have two different domains & websites? My initial thought is since the target markets are different it should be seperate & unique site – but I don’t know.



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      This is what I would do in your situation hope it helps


      1:     I would use create a product page (or shop) for the main product and add the related items below your main product on the same product page, saying something like

      If you like …(main product)…. you might also like:  and list your other products here


      Just like amazon would promote related books and products really

      Amazon does offer a lot of affiliate tools, i know you can get code to show specific products and list the ones you want to list on your product page, I’m not sure about the page you’re talking about might be a specific amazon wp theme. Hopefully someone who is an active amazon affiliate will know


      2:   I would keep it seperate too, like you said the mindsets are so different (buying v make money) I would segment the email list first to get people who are open to make money on a new list and promote the biz opp to them..


      Hopefully more people will reply!

      Good luck


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      Thanks Marlous,

      I’m still confused on item 1. 

      I do understand the need for a product/shop page for affiliate products on our sites but I’m confused as to how to do it. Using Amazon again as an example, there could easily be hundreds of complimentary items. How do we create the shopping page content/structure after we create the physical WP page on our site or is this available from Amazon? Also, does Amazon have affiliate tools that make it easy to select certain items to display on our product page?

      Just “can’t see the forest through the trees”…is there an ‘idoits guide to adding affiliate products to our web site’ available somewhere?



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      I can’t offer any help, but am trying to figure it out, too. I think you are saying that you don’t want a link that sends them to the affiliate site, so how do you get them to order the affiliate product with display on your webiste, specifically on your product page. Maybe Jim hasn’t covered it yet and it is actually in the product development section which starts next. No help from me but I appreciate the questions.


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      Larry, If I’m not mistaken, you want to know how Jim, for example, added the Legal Forms Generator product to his website (can’t find the page) even though that’s an affiliate product. (Or I think it is, maybe he had to buy them and now stocks them, but I doubt it.)Is that what you are wanting to know? Wyla

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      All WordPress blogs have a feature(tables) where you can advertise products…only those you have chosen—Amazon—included(ej. nutrition,weigh loss).

      The only way you can keep the customer in your site…is when you purchase the products and you manage the sales and delivering proccess of the products…in that case you 

      need to implement an e-commerce shoping cart with your own merchant account or even Pay-Pal in your wordpress blog…and you can even have the capability to build a membership management system in your own blog.

      Sometimes companies have you sign a “drop off” agreement where you can send the sale their way…they do all the work and you get the commission…in that case they have you send them your tax id number w9.

      That’s what I know about this question…maybe here is someone more knowledgable that can jump in and iluminate us all.


      Roger Aburto

      Hispanic living in Oregon,USA

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      I am back again [‘,’]

      Go here to see a very nice Theme for WordPress …I have no monetary interest in this…only trying to help

      anyways go here



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      Hi Larry

      Can you clear one thing up for me? let’s use the amazon books as an example


      Do you already know which books you want to sell (which i asumed) or are you looking for a more general list of products relating to a keyword you entered?


      Amazon has lots of affiliate tools and it’s pretty easy, it’s been a while though so i’m not exactly sure but when i know what you want to do i can login and check.


      I’ve seen the those sites too that have many (amazon) products on them and i think they use some plugin or code to set it up automatically.


      Me personally I would manually select the books and add the affiliate code for each book (which you get from amazon) to the wp page, this way you have full control over how it looks and what you promote (just use basic html code or the wysiwyg screen in wordpress)


      Leave the idiots guide for a little while longer, we’ll figure it out don’t worry!


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      Great feedback everyone. I guess I haven’t been very clear and I apologize for that.


      Bottom line – I have seen, on many different web sites, “shopping” pages for items that compliment the main product. I don’t know how to create shopping pages on my web site (or how that process works in general), Since we have been discussing web sites I thought this would be a good time to ask the question. 


      Marlous – I haven’t created a specific list of complimentary items yet, but in general terms I know what I want to add to my shopping page – I just don’t know the process in creating it structurally on my web site (for example if a vistor found a few complimentary items that they wanted to purchase and ‘selected’ them; would the complimentary items be placed in the Amazon cart, for example, or do I have to create my own shopping cart checkout process?) I don’t know how the process works and I’m trying to get my hands around it. I hope this makes it a little clearer.


      Thanks everyone for the input!

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      Hi Larry,


      I found the links that will explain it all to you, you have a few options


      1 list individual items on your shopping page (like a banner, text link or widget) and get them to click through to amazon for each individual product and let amazon do the selling for you


      2 create an amazon store (sound more difficult than it is) you select the items you would like to show and how you want it to look. 

      Then you get a link to add to your shopping page so it’s embedded on your site, no need for a shopping cart thats all taken care of by amazon, they add to the cart on your site and checkout at amazon (this way you don’t have to worry about processing credit cards).


      I think the 2nd option is what you’re looking for, i can’t show you more details as you need to sign up but that’s simple as long as you have a website..


      Hope this helps


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      WOW – thanks Marlous. I really apprecaite the information, and your efforts.



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      you’re welcome Larry

      Once i knew what you meant it was simple as I knew where to look 😉

      hope it helped


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      If it didn’t help Larry, it helped me! Thanks Marious!

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      Hi Larry,

      If this helps… here is a “store” we set up – still a work in progress at this time and not a top priority but may help:




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      Thank Dennis,

      That is exactly what I was trying to convey. Must work on my communication skills 🙂

      Is that a ‘template’ from Amazon that allows you to select and structure the products in that manner, or did you have to set it up yourself?

      Marlous gave me all the information I need to register, but my site is not quite there yet and I want to be mentally prepared for what’s required when I reach that step.

      Once again…thanks everyone for your assistance!!!!


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      Hi Larry,

      Yes you can set up this in your Amazon affiliate account and embed the “store” on your WP page.

      If you like – we can connect on Skype sometime and go thru the “how to”

      Our Skype Username is GreatEscapesClub.



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