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      Weight Loss/Management 


      Bulls eye target audience


      • They can be anyone between 29 and 69 years old (by 2015 ~85% of U.S. population, age 15 and over, will be overweight or obese – most other western countries experiencing similar trend)
      • They are busy at work/with children/caring for others
      • Some are professionals who are concerned about long-term health and ‘business appearance’ (bias/prejudice towards overweight people)
      • Some are caring for family members who suffer from weight related diseases, and want to avoid a similar fate
      • They want to be physically fit so they can have fun and experience new things in their ‘golden’ years
      • They have money to spend but want to be confident they’re spending it on a program that works and is good for them
      • They are not interested in special diet menus – pre-packaged meals that taste like cardboard
      • They are too busy to spend a lot of time doing research
      • They live a fast paced lifestyle and are too busy to exercise or ‘count calories’
      • They are overwhelmed & confused by the contradictory information from the medical community, health & wellness magazines and online sources (forums, etc.) – most resources are focused on marketing their processed foods and products but do not give lessons in wellness.
      • They are skeptical of the ‘correct’ information about diet, nutrition, minerals and supplements because it is almost all contrary to what they’ve heard from their ‘authority’ figures and runs counter to how they were brought up – so they’ll stick to their comfort zone, unless someone can convince them it’s easy and the results are worth it
      • They feel frustrated because they cannot get a simple straightforward answer
      • They think losing weight should be simple and easy
      • They are looking for a weight management program that is ‘fast’ and effective
      • They have seen other people lose weight and are frustrated, ashamed & embarrassed by their inability to successfully lose weight & keep it off
      • They are experiencing low self-esteem because of many failed attempts to lose weight
      • They are seeking a ‘natural’ weight management program – afraid of the ‘dangers’ of prescription drugs & side effects
      • They may be starting to have issues with high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, mobility & flexibility issues, sexual dysfunction and energy levels
      • They are sensitive to societies’ labeling / stereotyping individuals who are overweight or obese (ie:fat & lazy)
      • They think that eating less is the only way to lose weight.
      • They refuse to blindly accept the aging (weight gain) process
      • They are buying things that actually make them younger in terms of having a healthier body, more acute senses, and a sharper mind.
      • They are desperate for a solution
      • They believe that speeding up their metabolism will cause them to eat more.
      • They need to be educated and challenged to take the correct action even if it falls outside of their comfort zone
      • They believe in good fat vs. bad fat, which is a myth created by the U.S. government, and resulted in the explosion of processed foods and the ensuing epidemic of obesity & diabetes


       Specific target audience for different types of Weight Management issues


      Losing weight for a special occasion (class reunion, anniversaries, wedding)

      • They want to make an positive impression
      • They want to create new memories they can look back on years from now. This may help shift the negative feelings and memories of difficult times in high school or college where they were teased, were left out, did not have date, etc.


      Getting back into dating / social activities after divorce or losing spouse

      • They are out of touch with the dating process and are both anxious and scared – weight loss will help them gain self-confidence to move forward
      • They want to be sexy, attractive and liked
      • They want to prove something to their ex (look what you have lost)
      • They want their new love to feel pride and be able to brag about them to his/her friends


      Have health issues

      • They are scared of the consequences – want to see children/grandchildren graduate-get married-etc.
      • They are looking for natural solutions to solve the problem – no drugs
      • They have family members who have the same issue, or passed away as a result of the problem
      • They are desperate – will do what is necessary to solve the problem but are unsure what to do next, how to solve the problem
      • They physically are not able to exercise, lack the discipline to exercise on a regular basis, or to ashamed to exercise at the health club/gym


      Seeking to maintain good health

      • They have an inner drive to be active regardless of age
      • They have high self-esteem and desire to envied in their golden years
      • They are busy with a fast paced lifestyle and do not want it to be impacted by the aging process
      • They want to be able to continue their physical activities and hobbies regardless of age


       Frame of Reference, audience challenges & my solution


      Relating to industry


      Who are the main competitors of your brand?

      • Visalius
      • Isagenix
      • Weight Watchers
      • Jenny Craig
      • Usana
      • Nutrisystem
      • Melaleuca
      • Herbalife
      • Medifast
      • The Zone
      • Southbeach
      • Slim Fast
      • LA Weight Loss
      • Gastric Bypass surgery


      What solutions is the target customer searching for right now?

      They are seeking a healthy way to lose weight fast, and keeping it off, without a strict diet or exercise regiment


      Why is the customer searching for these other solutions?

      They are appalled by their physical appearance and the corresponding health risks. They want to fit into society and not be ostracized because of weight and appearance. And want the energy and flexibility to perform their hobbies and outdoor activities.


      What does the customer think they know about the solution to the problem?

      They think starvation diets are the only way to lose weight and that they cannot eat the foods they currently like and enjoy if they are going to be successful managing their weight. The lose-weight-fast diets have failed in the past, so they are desperate for a solution but don’t know what to do.


      What is wrong with the other solutions the customer might be considering?

      • They are not interested in eating ‘fake’ food.
      • They do not want to ingest unhealthy ingredients: aspartame and diuretics
      • They do not want to go for bypass surgery and its associated risks
      • They are not interested, or to embarrassed, to attend a group consoling / support group session.
      • Yo-yo diets cause more long-term health issues than they solve.


      Why is the customer not happy with the solutions they’re finding right now?

      The quick-fix solutions & ‘fad’ diets have not worked in the past, and their lifestyle is not conducive to the pre-package diet foods that are tasteless. They want to continue to eat the foods they like.


      What experience does the customer have with your competitors?

      They may have experienced some rapid weight loss, but it’s not sustainable or the program has failed completely. Some products contain diuretics which upset the electrolyte balance causing dehydration and depression, or contain aspartames.  


      Is the customer buying alternative solutions right now? If not, why not?

      They are experiencing information overload and are skeptical of most weight management programs. Some have given up after losing weight in the past and quickly regaining it. They’re still searching for a natural solution from others who have been successful in losing weight. They are predominately searching for information in online forums, health magazines, or recommendations from health professionals – but are confused and frustrated by the contradictory information they are finding.


      What are some of the problems the customer faces or might face with existing solutions?

      • Products contain ingredients that may not be beneficial to their health
      • Ingredients that may negatively interact with their medications
      • Fear of having to attend a group – humiliation
      • The taste of the products are not palatable
      • The programs do not address long term weight maintenance. While they may be effective in the short term, the weight loss is not sustained because it fails to address the metabolic issue.
      • The horror stories of failure & deaths from gastric bypass surgery. Regaining the weight.
      • Deprivation or low calorie intake are the best predictors of a dieters next binge.


      What is their fantasy solution?

      • A generic pill that solves their weight problem
      • Something easy
      • No exercise
      • Cheap – inexpensive
      • No weight regain
      • Eat what they want when they want
      • Is a long term solution – something sustainable


      Do other solutions cater to their fantasy solution? If so, how? If not, why not?


      • Fast weight loss & ‘Fad’ diets (but they have a negative impact on the body that most casual ‘dieters’ are not aware of
      • Less expensive
      • Might get support through a group or a counselor


      • Fails to address the underlying metabolic issue
      • Not sustainable
      • Burns muscle and critical organ tissue not fat
      • Risk of entering a yo-yo diet cycle, or maintaining one they’ve had for years
      • Not palatable
      • Lack third party credibility, no peer reviewed journals to back up product claims


      Visitor challenges

      These are the visitors’ challenges that are solved by my solution:

      • Addresses the root cause of weight gain – metabolism
      • Third party credibility via clinical testing and scientific research – documented in PubMed.com
      • Natural products
      • Provides long-term, sustainable results
      • Eat most of the foods they are currently eating
      • Does not require a rigid exercise program


      My solution:
      part 1:

      Helping people understand the benefits of correcting their metabolism is more dramatic and produces far superior body changes that are healthier and more sustainable for the long term. That popular weight loss diets are not designed to protect your body; they’re designed to be a quick fix and keep you coming back.

      Part 2:
      Helping people understand that being habitually overweight or obese is a precursor to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and overall deterioration of health. Taking a daily ‘pill’ will not correct a bad diet. If they don’t get the big things right in their life, the little things won’t make much difference.

      Part 3:
      Sharing how metabolic correction is based on the concept of MacroBalance – eating the right portions and proportions of quality proteins, smart carbs and starchy carbs at each meal. Getting these foods correctly balanced sets off a chain of newly-discovered biochemical reactions that actually cause your body to build lean muscle and burn fat at each meal.

      Also, helping people understand that eating a typical carbohydrate-rich diet actually tells your body to store fat, instead of burning it. Carbohydrate-rich diets create a hyper-insulin response leading to large blood sugar fluctuations – causing you to have food cravings and energy crashes. 

      Part 4:
      Sharing our comprehensive & synergistic health systems that work together with our weight loss system in building a foundation for:

      1. Optimal Aging
        1. Resist & adapt to stress
        2. Enhance immune system function
        3. Promote critical cardiovascular processes
        4. Optimize the digestive system
        5. Improve Circulation
          1. Maintain healthy blood pressure levels
          2. Combat premature cardiovascular aging
          3. Improves sexual function
          4. Supports memory and healthy cognition

      Unique Benefits

      What separates my product from others in the industry and what does my product do differently?

      • Natural Products
      • No strict diet regiment to follow
      • Scientifically researched ingredients
      • Addresses the metabolic issue
      • Lose weight without deprivation and starvation
      • How to change your eating habits with products that support these changes easily
      • Clear support for people with medical issues to seek clearance from their GP regarding the products and adequate information for GP’s, Cardiologists and any other doctors to make informed decisions for their patients.
      • Ongoing clinical research of the ingredients in the products showing positive health benefits


      What makes me different from all the other affiliates who promote the same things?

      • My partner is a health industry professional, Ph.D. Because of this have a high level of comfort researching the products, the ingredients, and dealing with health professionals. Understanding of medical procedures, conditions, treatments, medications…
      • We work as a team and leverage the knowledge of each other to help solve problems and help people to solve their health issues, build a sustainable long term health program, or build a business.
      • Offer a free series of Q&A webinars that address and troubleshoot the primary challenges most face in their weight loss journey.
      • Create a free membership site that contains recordings of previous webinars and a private forum where individuals can interact and ask questions related to weight loss and health systems in general.

      What makes me different from other sites competing for a similar audience?

      • We promote a health solution for weight management that deals with the underlying issue of metabolism
      • We have a product that helps with sugar cravings naturally by blocking the receptors on the tongue and blocking absorption in the intestines. This leads to a long-term ability to control sugar intake.
      • Products are palatable
      • There are a family of products that create a synergistic health management program

       Reasons to believe

      • We have third party documentation: peer reviewed journal articles
      • Scientific backing – information can be accessed on the PubMed.com web site
      • Personal testimonials


      Positioning statement

      For the person who is seriously looking for a natural, permanent and healthy weight loss solution. Lead A Healthy Lifestyle is the ONLY easy to follow synergistic weight management solution that delivers sustainable long-term results within your fast paced lifestyle while improving your metabolism and maintaining muscle mass, as you continue to eat most of the foods you are currently eating. In addition, Lead A Healthy Lifestyle offers no obligation Q&A webinars and membership site to honestly and without hype address the most pressing challenges faced by those seeking healthy & sustainable weight loss solutions.


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      I do really like it! Good job!

      I am just starting to study today…believe me nothing to do with new year resolution…just coincidence! For me every day is like any other day.

      Anyway…my friend you just gave me a huge clue what I will encounter in the workshops!


      Be well…and your life’s best wishes!


      Roger Aburto

      Hispanic living in Salem,Oregon.USA.

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