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      While we’re getting ready for the next step in the plan thought I would post up mine here.  To narrow down the target market to connect better I’m going to focus on detox for my main product, which I have some good ideas for complementary products and opt-in offer.  Any feedback is appreciated!

      Positioning Statement: For people experiencing soreness, discomfort, fatigue and inflammation from toxicity and health issues RiboCeine/Cellgevity is the single most effective, scientifically validated way to detox and fight the root cause of their health/quality of life problems fast, as is now used by high profile sports stars and doctors.

      Bullseye Target Audience Problems
      – Have had ongoing health issues for months or even years
      – Everyday they’re stressed, sluggish, low energy levels, foggy heads, easily fatigued, headaches, brain fog, aches, allergies.
      – By the time they finish their day job they don’t have the energy for their family, hobbies, leisure, exercise
      – Tried horrible/restrictive/drab/dreary/depressing/dull detox diets with minimal results, not worth the effort
      – Tried fad diets like lemon detox, only to yo-yo the weight back on
      – Find it difficult to lose weight
      – Purchased herbal/vitamin supplements from shops/naturopaths with zero to minimal lasting results.
      – They may have metabolic conditions like diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, liver issues, heavy metal toxicity
      – Their doctors have been of little use helping improve their health issues
      – Nothing seems to work, they’re getting desperate, want a quick fix.
      – They want to wake up each day feeling fresh, with the energy to enjoy life and their families
      – Use web forums to get their information and make choices.
      – Use naturopaths over normal doctors.
      – May be knowledgeable, understand methylation cycle block etc
      – More inclined to listen to high profile doctors like Dr Oz
      – Don’t want to waste money in ineffective products
      – Affecting the time they can spend with family, keeping up with the young ones
      – Constant struggle each day, battling fatigue
      – Affecting their current work and limiting developing their job/career
      – bio-markers are all over the place, blood pressue, cholesterol, adding to the stress

      Frame of Reference

      – Doesn’t know what an optimal diet is
      – Doesn’t really know know what it means to detox/cleanse
      – Overwhelmed and confused by the options out there
      – Skeptical of the products out there – lack of science, lack of testimonials, lack of doctors recommending it
      – Doesn’t know how the body/liver actually detoxifies itself
      – Doesn’t know what glutathione is
      – Doesn’t have time, or energy, to follow elaborate diets or detox programs
      – Can’t find consistent advice from a natural practitioners
      – Wants a natural solutions to detox, not pharmaceutical
      – Wants quick results with a detox
      – Wants to see overwhelming evidence of scientific validation
      – Doesn’t know that many solutions lack any substantial scientific evidence
      – Knows of some common detox herbs like Milk Thistle
      – Wants to know how to easily get more energy and mobility
      – Wants to know what top doctors are recommending
      – Wants to lose weight

      Unique Benefits of Brand

      – the best kept secret in medicinal science
      – clinical studies show it 300% better than the next best option
       – The only product to significantly boost your body’s very own, and most powerful, master detoxifer and antioxidant – glutathione. 
      – Improved detox, energy, sleep, recovery, mental clarity, immune system
      – Fast results, in days
      – 100x to 1000x the scientific research of other products
      – Previously multiple injections cost $1000/month, with this technology now its only $65/month
      – convenient capsules instead of injections

      Reasons to believe

      – Intriguing background story
      – 1000x the science of other products
      – Validated by human clinical studies and mountains of published science compared to any other product
      – High profile doctors backing it, Dr Oz, Dr Don Colbert (who rewrote his NYT best seller ‘Toxic Relief’ to include it) and many more
      – High profile sports stars using it. Evander Holyfield come out of retirement on it to win. Chis Mullin, NBA Hall of Fame. Greg Norman – #1 Golfer and many many more world champion athletes and Olympians
      – 30 day money back guarantee
      – Facebook page with loads of awesome real testmonials

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      Dan, thanks for posting. It’s helpful to review what others are thinking/doing. I’m still struggling but everytime we get together  as a group or I see someone elses work, it gives me another idea for my own. Thanks! Best regards, Wyla

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