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      Jim Yaghi

      this looks good to me man. i’d compile that in a word document and format it nicely. and you’re ready to roll!



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      Thanks Jim 😀

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      I think i completed my version of The Plan and I didn’t know where else to put it

      I did all the homework assignments in the DWYT notes but after the second webinar i realised my target audience didn’t match my unqiue benefits.

      So i worked my way backwards and started with my unique benefits, changed the frame of reference and came up with a completely different target audience that is a lot bigger and easier to find then i had before.. (and it was a bit easier too just like with the sales letter example)

      I’ll copy it here below, i know it’s a long read but any advice is welcome thank you 🙂


      Bulls eye target audience


      • People who just started planning a city trip or are thinking about it
      • They can be anyone between 18 and 80 years old
      • They are busy at work/school/caring for others
      • They need a break from real life
      • They want to have fun, experience new things, be carefree and live a little even if it’s only for a few days
      • They have (some) money to spend but want to spend it on the right things
      • They want to create this trip themselves (anyone can do this, right?)
      • They think travel agencies are old school and online is better
      • They are too busy to spend a lot of time doing research
      • They don’t know where to start searching in the first place
      • They feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the reading they have to do, checking out different information sites, review sites, hotel sites….
      • They think it should be simple because anyone can book a hotel and walk around a city
      • They have seen other people do it so believe they should be able to do it too
      • They did what most people do on their last trip(s) (just focus on a hotel and ticket and let the rest sort itself out once they get there) and it wasn’t as good as they expected it to be..
      • They did the same things everyone else did because that’s what you do when your in ….
      • They told the world they had a great time but are secretly disappointed that it wasn’t as good as they hoped it would be
      • They are jealous of people telling stories of magical trips with amazing experiences
      • They feel like they missed out on something before, didn’t get to experience that one thing that would have made that trip amazing..
      • This time they want to be better prepared, no more “we’re here, now what do we do…” for them
      • They don’t want to waste time once they arrive at their destination 
      • They want a sense of adventure, day dream about all the cool things that will happen once they are there…
      • They don’t want to be just tourist, they dream of exploring new places
      • In their dreams they are probably braver than they are in real life
      • They’ll stick to their comfort zone, unless someone can convince them it’s easy and the results are worth it…
      • They need to be challenged to take that extra step
      • They need a little push to move from the big tourist traps to the less touristy things
      • Every time they see a travel show on tv, a travel story in their newspaper or listen to stories from friends the urge to escape gets bigger and bigger
      • They want to move from been there – done that and already forgot about it, to experienced  that and still remember every second of it
      • They want to be the one telling these amazing stories of their trips..

       Specific target audience for different types of travel combinations/reasons


      A couple going on a trip (for a special reason like wedding anniversary)

      • They know making the gesture is not enough the trip has to be perfect too and fit the occasion
      • They know not just any hotel will do, it needs to fit the occasion
      • They want to find the right things to do and see to show they care and have put some effort into the planning
      • They want to create memories they can look back on years from now


      A new couple going on there first trip

      • They want to me a good impression on there new love
      • They need to get the right hotel to show they care
      • They want to show the other person they can be fun and adventurous
      • They want to find the right things to do and see to show they know/understand them
      • They want their new love to be able to brag about them to his/her friends


      A couple who love to travel (and who don’t need a specific reason)

      • They lead busy lives, work hard and play hard too
      • They love to travel and been to many places before
      • They don’t mind taking the easy way out where planning is concerned
      • They are looking for timesavers, someone who has done the research for them
      • They are getting more confident with every trip they take but still stay within there comfort zone
      • They use travel as bragging rights amongst their friends


      Two or more friends  (or adult family)

      • Two friends (or more) wanting a break together
      • They have a great time hanging out normally but never been on a city trip together before
      • They have a few different interest and need some advice to put it together so everyone will have a good time
      • Some people have big opinions others go with the flow
      • Each one has different expectations (how to manage these to get a good result)
      • They want to be unique as a group
      • If its to celebrate a special occasion (like a bachelor(rette) party) they don’t want what everyone else has already done they want something special


      A family with kids

      • Parents who one day dreamt of doing fun and exciting stuff with their children,
      • They realise they are stuck in a daily routine
      • They want to share adventures with their children, make memories
      • They want to give their children experiences they might not have had
      • They want to test if it’s possible to travel with their children (hope for future travels)
      • Being able to go on a trip with kids gives them bragging rights


      A family with teenagers

      • They want to do something fun and exciting with their teenagers
      • Make happy memories even if daily life isn’t as “pretty” as they pretend it to be
      • They want to make sure the teens are having a good time (if they have a good time mum and dad have a good time too)
      • They are looking to create great memories as a family before the kids go of to college
      • Being able to create these memories as a family gives them bragging rights


       Frame of Reference, audience challenges & my solution


      Relating to industry


      Who are the main competitors of your brand?

      For the hotel side of our website:          Hotel booking sites like, and others

      For the planning side of the site:          Reviews sites like tripadvisor, lonely planet, blogs and other websites and local tourist offices


      What solutions is the target customer searching for right now?

      They want someone who tells them what to do, where to stay and what to see so they don’t have to do the research themselves


      Why is the customer searching for these other solutions?

      There is just too much choice with all these review sites and 1000’s of websites telling them about the same things..

      They are overwhelmed with research they have to go through to find what’s right for them 


      What does the customer think they know about the solution to the problem?

      They think it should be easy, anyone can book a hotel and find some things to see. They assume everyone uses the same list of hotels and things to see and do so if they get that list too all should be ok…


      What is wrong with the other solutions the customer might be considering?

      Those solutions are too general, these are not matched to their specific interests.


      Why is the customer not happy with the solutions they’re finding right now?

      They relied on other people’s tips and advice for previous trips and those were good trips but not as great as they expected it to be… They ended up doing someone else’s “must see and do” list not their own..


      What experience does the customer have with your competitors?

      They know that they can find all the info the need there if they are willing to spend days or weeks going though all the comments and information before they can make up their own mind


      Is the customer buying alternative solutions right now? If not why not?

      Yes the old fashioned route through a travel agent,


      What are some of the problems the customer faces or might face with existing solutions?

      Online they get a long of lists with options they’ll have to go through one by one to find out if they would like it or not.

      The info is there but finding the gems will take a lot of time and that’s something they don’t have or something they don’t want to do..

      When they book through a travel agent they don’t have the flexibility in packages that they have when they create their own trip online.


      What is their fantasy solution?

      Their fantasy solution would be that someone would be able to read their mind and come up with a short list of hotels to choose from and a things to do and see list that offers them everything they would love to see and do plus a few things they might like to try to make this trip one to remember.


      Do other solutions cater to their fantasy solution? If so, how? If not, why not?

      If their fantasy solution is that they want someone to read their mind and comes up with the perfect hotel and to do list just from them it’s either yes and no..


      if you have a very dedicated travel agent who doesn’t rely on commissions but who charges a handling fee.. (this doesn’t happen very often see no)


      Because taking the time to ask the right questions and pick the right hotels and attractions doesn’t match the offered commissions for trips in this price range..

      Online it’s so much easier to give standard list and let people figure it out for themselves.

      Even if you go to online travel agents you still have to do the figuring out yourself, once you have selected what you want they’ll book it for you, but you have to do the work…


      Visitor challenges

      These are the visitors challenges that are solved by my solution:

      • They are overwhelmed by all the information that is out there
      • They don’t have time to research everything online and read the guidebooks
      • They want someone to show them what to do and see
      • They want to find some things that are different from what others have done (preferably their friends or family)
      • They don’t want to feel like they are missing out
      • They don’t want to end up wasting time and money at attractions they knew they wouldn’t like anyway just because other said it was a must see (those people must know something they don’t)..


      My solution:
      part 1:
      Helping people figure out what an ideal hotel would be before they start searching (just like a travel agent would) by giving them things to think about so it’s easier to find the hotel that’s right for them not everyone else. (eventually i would offer them a short list of hotels that amtch their criteria)

      Part 2:
      Helping people decide which of the many attractions in a specific city would be good to add to their “to see & do” list and which they can skip. This way they don’t waste hours on attractions they don’t like or figuring out what to do next.

      Part 3:
      Sharing travel tips and insights so they can experience that “long term travel feeling” when they are on their trip or even how they can get the travel experience without leaving home


      Unique Benefits

      What separates my site from others in the industry and what does my site do differently?

      We don’t stop at just hotels or sights to see, we combine the two parts of a city trip just like a travel agent would.

      We don’t let the visitors find things out for themselves we help them find the right hotel and create a things to do list that is right for them by asking questions.


      What makes me different from all the other affiliates who promote the same things?

      I’m probably one of a few who actually worked in a travel agent’s, tourist office and travelled a lot for myself (as a backpacker not as a travel agent) this gives me a unique understanding of putting together a great (city) trip for any budget…

      I know how to ask questions to figure out what people like (maybe I’m just really curious)

      Almost half my life I’ve helped people as a travel agent and at a tourist office put together amazing trips and holidays. Even on my own travels I somehow always end up as the designated tour guide…


      What makes me different from other sites competing for a similar audience?

      We don’t just provide lists we try to get to know our visitors better before giving them a solution that matches their answers.

      Unlike the review sites like tripadvisor we match attractions to the visitor’s interest not by providing a top 100 list of what other people think.  

      Even if they can’t go on a trip right now the tips on the blog will help them get the travel experience without leaving home.


      Reasons to believe

      It only takes 2 minutes to get these personalised results or go through the checklist, if they are not happy all they’ve lost is a few minutes of their time…

      They have seen other people come back from amazing trips and telling great stories of what they have seen and done so they believe they should be able to do it too


      Positioning statement

      For the {husband|wife|boyfriend|girlfriend|group of friends|family} who need help planning a city trip that’s right for them not everyone else, Weekend Break is the ONLY travel site that gives you personalized travel ideas by asking the right questions.



      A city trip is never just a city trip, it’s about creating memories that will put a smile on your face years from now…



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