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      I’d like to get some feedback on the way to approach the “plan” when we have more than just one product and those other products are not necessarily in the exact same niche, although very closely related. Let me explain. My affiliate products are ‘comprehensive’ health and wellness products – which means that in addition to weight loss, there are a number of other products that work together and build upon each other to improve total health. I’ve chosen weight loss as my focus because overweight/obesity is worldwide epidemic, and as such, is a ‘hot’ topic in the search engines and forums. However, my other products:
      * improve circulation
      * Maintain healthy blood pressure
      * Improves sexual function
      * Combats premature cardiovascular aging
      * Optimize & regulate digestive system
      * enhance immune system function
      on & on…sorry if this seems like a commercial, I just wanted to point out that these other products are related but not necessarily the same niche. Now where I’m going with this is that my plan will focus on weight issues – but when visitors land on my website and look at the product/services tab they’ll see many other products – so will that create confusion and upset the congruency of my plan? If so, should I create a plan that incorporates all products? I don’t think that would work because they are not all within the same niche.

      Going one step further (#2 – Website) the products/services tab on our website is about our offerings, therefore will I have to create a separate website for each product so that I do not confuse visitors?

      I appreciate any feedback. I don’t know if I’m over-thinking over-analyzing this, but I find myself going in circles on how to approach the plan.


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      In my humble opinion WELLNESS is the umbrella that covers all your line of products!


      Dr Mercola comes to my mind! Google him under Health and under Wellness to see which is more appeling.


      Roger Aburto

      Salem Oregon,USA


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      HI Larry,

      I’m in the same situation only in the travel niche.

      Over-thinking and over-analysing is my speciality (I’m a recovering perfectionist) but this is how i approach it maybe it can be of help to you


      In the “How to castrate competition ..” lesson  Jim talked about the bridge technique and that’s what I’m doing.

      I’m creating my unique offer in the travel niche (hotels & things to do advice for different cities) and then through my list I’ll promote other relevant products like language courses and discount cards.

      (I actually use questionnaires to give people personalised results and work these extra products into the result text first, the list is the backup)

      My wordpress theme makes it really easy to hide pages until I want them to show up so I can create mini funnels for each city.


      If you’re main focus is on weightloss can you focus “the plan” on that and use the bridge technique to introduce the other products when people are ready for them through your email list?


      This is what I got out of the note lessons but I could be totally wrong here too 🙂


      Good luck!


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      I think at first focus on one tight niche, ie the weight loss, and work on getting the conversions happening there initially.  You could do something like adding in your process a questionaire which asks about various other health issues that overweight people are likely to have.  From that send specific email series about that condition for a particular product in your lineup, with a new target customer focused on that issue.

      I have a similar dilema of one product with multiple target markets (sports, detox, general health/anti-aging etc) but I’m going to focus on one specific customer avatar for now.  At the beginning Jim talked about focusing on one business, getting that working, and then duplicating the process. I think the same can apply in our general business with multiple products/customer bases, focus on one aspect of it and then repeat the process.

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      Thanks guys – I do appreciate the feedback.

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      Hey Larry,


      what is your main offer? ie, what will you be offering on your landing page when you go looking for traffic? Newsletter, free analysis etc


      Build it around that. That is the first thing they will see. If your products are all closely related you will offer them all somewhere in your funnel


      For example, my main product is my newsletter. I do all the exercises around that one offer. All my other offers are to service the subscribers on my newsletter.


      Hope this helps

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