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      Hi Everyone,


      I’ve worked my way through the prelessons and now i’m looking at the checklist to see what i’ve missed and that is the reasons to believe..

      I’ve checked all the posts but i can’t find the explanation, if i remember correctly you use testimonials here..

      My problem is that I’m an affiliate but don’t have access to any testimonials and i can’t remember what other options we can use..

      Do I use my own unique benefits to create reasons to believe, even if these aren’t proved by anyone else?

      Can anyone point me in the right direction?


      Thank you


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      Hi Marlous,

      I hope someone corrects me if I’m wrong, but my understanding of ‘reasons to believe’ is how do we vaidate our claims. In other words it’s about establishing credibility or sometype of ‘proof’. Testimonials are obviously one way, but I personally do not put a high level of confidence in testimonials because anyone can go to fivver, for example, and buy testimonials for $5 each. 

      Is your product backed by any type of 3rd party scientific research? Scientific, medical, or industry tests?

      In summary it’s about establishing credibility that what you claim in the unique benefit(s) is plausible (I hesitate to use ‘factual’ or ‘truthful’ because how do we ever really know unless we do the research-testing-etc ourselves). 

      I trust someone will jump in and correct me if I’m wrong about this. Thanks.

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      When you are an affiliate of certain product or service…the publisher or the marketer if you will…must provide you all you need…the testimonials must be provided by the owner of the product you sell as an affiliate.


      If you are the owner…with high integrity you must either confess you still do not have any testimonial…or you can invite a focus group to test your service or your advise or send out some samples if your product is physical.


      Be well,


      Roger Aburto

      Salem Oregon,USA


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      Thanks for your help Larry & Roger!


      Your replies along with the webinar replay gave me what i needed to figure this out 🙂

      I’ll create my reasons to believe around the benefits I’m offering not the product itself that way i can control the expectations as well and it won’t take them long to start believing


      Thanks again


Viewing 3 reply threads
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