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Hi Najja, this is what i did (it might help you)

I first thought about the people i want to help through my site, I’ve seen these people in real life before so it wasn’t that hard to picture them and built persona’s around them.

I ended up with a few different persona’s (male v. female / younger v older/working v retired/experienced traveller v new traveller) then used those to come up with 1 more general persona with characteristics from all (i’ll keep the individual persona’s too).

Then asked a few questions my persona would ask in google and did what Jim said to do and checked the forums, here i found out that a lot of people want to hear from others what to do instead of thinking/researching for themselves.

I also learned here that people want to do unique things, preferably discover something themselves without much effort if they can help it 🙂 so I’ll use that bit of info too

Another thing i noticed while checking the forums is that there were people asking questions about what to do and regular contributors complaining that they didn’t check the forum before they asked their question which tells me this happens a lot.

I worked these insights i got from the forum into my target audience persona and in my offer (helped me figure out how to make my site unique)

it’s not tight enough yet but when i get people coming through my website i get to know them better and i can narrow it down a bit more.

The google keyword tool might give you some ideas on what kind of questions to ask so you can check the forums and if when you run the site your promoting through quantcast or alexa you might get some demographic data you can use.

Basically i just followed Jim’s instructions (i have to admit i read the pre course posts at least 5 times before i really understood what to do and hopefully i got it right)



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