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Thanks nikolai.

I actually found a wordpress plugin for 10$ that automates te process of buying through paypal and sending the encrypted link via email that expires after the number of days I set. It’s pretty cool and it was a one time cost.

To be honest, I’m kind of surprised too that I created my own ebook. I guess that by researching other products I realized that I could do a lot better, and given that I didn’t have manual 5 anyway, I had plenty of time to write it.

My concern right now is actually whether or not I will be able to position myself properly. While I do have a background in science, I don’t have much in the way of credentials, only a bachelor’s degree.

Anyway, time will tell. At least I can feel good selling it, unlike the crap most vendors put out there. And heck, if it does do well, maybe one day I’ll get it up on clickbank and get a bunch of affiliates promoting it too (getting ahead of myself, I know).

Overall I still just get the feeling that even though I’ve gone through all the steps up to now, that I haven’t done them “well” enough, so to speak. It’s hard to not look back and think that the needs you came up with in the brand plan are to generic or that the presell page isn’t good enough. Heck, I especially get that feeling with my ebook, that it isn’t well researched enough or lacks too many details to make it coherent. But I guess that’s normal and I can’t let it stand in the way of progress.

On a side note, I emailed Jim and he said that manual 5 should be coming in the next few weeks. Take this with a grain of salt though, I don’t want to put him on the spot or anything if it does end up taking longer…


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