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It’s been a while since I updated my progress, so here is where I’m at.

After going through manual 4, it quickly became clear that there was no product available that I could stand behind. I purchased 8 products in all and when they weren’t downright scams, the others were pretty lame, at best. I was actually flabergasted at the poor quality of the products available. My site is about helping to deal with a medical condition, and most products available are based on quackery or stuff that is pretty much scientifically proven to NOT work.

I have a background in science and I just couldn’t promote these products in good conscience. So I decided to create my own ebook to sell instead. Not sure if this is going to pan out as I’m really not an authority figure on the topic, although I have successfully dealt with the problem myself. Time will tell.

But just like Jim who delayed manual 5 partly because the lead page generator plugin wasn’t up to his standards and he had to redo it himself, I figured it was better to create something I could stand behind and proudly promote.

It ended up being about 150 pages (although formated in pretty large and easy to read font) and is pretty much exactly what I was looking for in an affiliate product, but couldn’t find. I know this probably slowed me down, but given that we’re all waiting on manual 5 anyway, I had plenty of time to complete it. Because of this, manual 4 was by far the longest to get through for me.

I followed the information in section 5.2 of manual 4 for setting up payment through paypal. But I hit a few roadblocks. The biggest one is generating a secure, encrypted download link for every customer after the payment is complete. I found a few plugins that seem to do this, and there are also a few companies that provide this service for a monthly fee. I still need to figure this out, but I don’t think it’s going to be a major problem.

Another thing I need to do is setup a proper disclaimer in my ebook. I noticed that on the legalformspro website that is suggested in manual 2 for the privacy policy and terms of use, they sell something similar specifically for ebook disclaimers. It’s about 100$ though, but probably well worth it. I think it also comes with a bonus that teaches all about copywright protection so that nobody can (legally) steal your IP.

So that’s where I’m at now. I’m eagerly, EAGERLY awaiting manual 5, now that I’ve completed the first four. I hope it’s not too far off. Has anybody heard anything about when it moght be coming? I wish we were at least kept in the loop as to what is going on with it, to let us know about when it might be coming. Is it a matter of weeks? Months? A year? The waiting is killing me… Hopefully, it won’t be too long.

In the mean time I’ll put the finishing details on my ebook and maybe create a “product glue” to add in as a bonus. But I’m really looking forward to get started selling stuff and get into the actual marketing stuff. I also could probably go over my pre-sales page again and try to improve it in some places. I feel like I could have been more creative in some places, instead of doing something that resembles the examples provided in manual 3.


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