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Just finished manual 3. Well, not quite actually. I didn’t do the optional section after the presales introduction part, mainly because I want to choose a product first. Then I’ll come back and finish my presales page with all the right information.

I have to say, manual 3 was kind of a grind to get through. I ended up having 14 problem groups. It took me a while to organize and classify all the problems I wrote in the brand plan, and even then it’s hard to know if some of the groups are sufficiently different from one another. Time will tell I guess.

But the biggest problem I ran into came with writing the presales introduction. More specifically, I initially tried to write it without any idea of what kind of product I was looking to sell. However, after reading Bob’s example in the manuals, I opted to argue that the audience problems are caused by something less obvious, same as Bob argues that their back pain is caused by sleeping wrong.

Not sure if this was the right approach since it kind of pigeon holes me in terms of the product type I can sell, but I’m confident that I know my audience and it’s the solution they need, not necessarily the one they want. But once again, I’m still unsure if it’s better to cater to the audience fantasy or argue for what you know will work for them, even if it’s not quite the “quick fix” most are looking for.

This is also the same reason I’m not so sure about the product format I chose. I described the ideal product the audience would want (i.e. a magical pill that makes their problem disappear) but the reality is different… I’ll keep both in mind as I go through manual 4.

I’m starting the fourth manual right now. At first glance is seems a little more simple than manual 3, but I don’t know for sure yet.


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