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Roger Aburto

Hi my name is Roger Aburto!

I was born in Nicaragua and raised in Costa Rica Central America. I am currently livin in Salem Oregon, USA.

I have three main projects going on:

1** Teach my fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses how to witness online…Yeap…I have become a devote Jehovah’s Witness…even though the training is FREE I will have free toools to help them reach more people than door by door…and I will offfer them choices(paid) of the likes Talk Fusion Connect…Pure Leverage…and Send Out Cards…for that purpose

I am building two sites http://www.onlinewitnessing.org  for Jehovah’s witnesses only….and for general public http://www.worldsuperhumanproject.com which I will invite fellow brothers and sisters around the world to join forces to write articles to redirect open minded people to http://www.jw.org so we will not only fill the streets of 235 countries in more than 600 languages… but now we will have a great presence online too.

2** I opened a Clinic to do Biomagnetism and Laser therapy along with Homeopathic Medicine…and now I am doing my logo…to start a campaign… 

3** Is to finally sell services to my Small Business Community here in Salem Oregon…for that porpuse I will put to work all the great material I have bought from Yaghi Labs.

Thus far my biggest mistake is rely on other people’s skills rather than develop mine…but my goal this year is to roll my sleeves and start learning myself..and doing things myself.


Wish you all the life’s best!


Roger Aburto


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