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Jim Yaghi

Think of a Traffic Epidemic as a traffic campaign. You execute it to get traffic. It has a very different motivation from email marketing for sales. Selling is something you want to do most of the time…an Epidemic you pull off once in a while.

It is a bad idea to do BOTH things in the same content.

Each piece of content should have ONE goal.

Sending people an email with sales copy and then linking to a blog doesn’t help you accomplish either very well.

Lots of people do that and all that it does is just make less people see the sales message and less people see the blog.

If you look at the swipe example, i do both but always in different emails.

Here’s how you might use this.

Say you have a product launch. You need to build up the list ahead of the launch.

So you start an Epidemic traffic campaign to fill the mailing list leading up to the launch. You have lots of promo content going out and lots of free “value” to get people onto your list with a specific launch date in mind.

When you’re ready to sell, shopping cart is open, you switch to email marketing and now you do NOT want to send your people to blog posts. You want to send them to an order button.

Make sense?

Most important thing to remember is, if you want people to listen to you, give them only ONE thing to do. JUST ONE.

And if it’s clicks you want, (to rack up a view counter), give little detail in the email and much curiosity.

If it’s a sales page you want them to view, say enough to sell the thing so they go there ready or almost ready to buy.

And never introduce more steps unecessarily between the action you want them to do. eg, emailing a link to a blog post that has your sales letter.

Finally…just a last point to make sure there’s no confusion…when you link to a blog post, it’s always on a community site. Not your own.

when you have sales emails, send them out in full and then post them to your personal blog later so it helps anyone join your list if they arrive at your site..



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