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I’m not the most identifiable guy around. I’m part of that intellectual “elite” most people despise. And i know, i alienate the majority of my subscribers because the only person among them reading my emails is YOU.

Because you too are elite.

People like you and me, we don’t care for appearances anywhere as much as we do for substance.

We admire competence over the appearance of competence.

The majority of this industry, including its “leaders” are people low in substance, low in competence, and high in showmanship.

Recently, i came across some dumbasses asking in public forums whether it’s a good idea to learn to code because web design is “lucrative”.


Web design WAS lucrative…in 1995. When few others were doing it.

Also, web design is not “coding”.

Besides, anything being lucrative is the wrong reason to get into it!

What you’re best at doing are the activities you LOVE. Which is a one way implication, not an equality.

Meaning, the reverse isn’t necessarily true…you might love doing something but you’re utterly USELESS at it. In which case, you’re better off not trying to monetise it.

Rather than looking around for what’s been profitable for others (who are probably lightyears more competent than you are or ever could be because they’ve had YEARS of headstart on you), look at what’s been historically an area of strength for YOU.

Things you’re good at, are marketable.

They’re worth money. Because the deeper your knowledge, experience, skill, and competence in something…the more you can offer in terms of “value” to pass on to buyers for their money.

This doesn’t go just for “training” and “coaching” type of businesses…it’s the same rule for selling a service, a product, or anything else.

Your knowledge, skill, and experience in some area of competence give you a unique perspective on problems and you can apply them to find interesting, valuable solutions.

For instance, my deep knowledge of machine learning technology gives me a unique perspective on marketing with Google Ads….a machine learning driven advertising technology. My intimate knowledge of software gives me a unique approach to building sales presentations and lead capture pages, which i view as human-to-computer interfaces, and i treat “sales conversion” as a usability problem!

There’s a strong possibility that you are highly competent in some area that has REAL WORLD applications to solving consumers’ problems. That’s marketable and saleable.

But if you choose to keep selling to the same dumb crowd the same dumb things as every other dumb marketer…coaching coaches how to coach others on coaching…you’re not playing to ANY of your strengths. You’re wasting them to be a pointless clone. Selling thin air to people of no substance.

Like i said, i’m not the most relatable. Because i’ve always known since a young age what i wanted to be and what i wanted to do. I didn’t realise for a long time that most people are not this lucky.

I remember a girl in school who was so good at math puzzles and won all the contests. While i loved math and was good at it, i just didn’t do so well on the puzzles…i stood in awe of her. One day, out of curiosity, i said to her, “Angela, what will you study at university?”

“Who said i’m going to university?” she snapped, as if offended. “I don’t even know what i’m gonna do with my life yet.”

I was shocked. She was so SMART….i couldn’t fathom the idea that someone so gifted would not have already planned their next steps.

Eventually i realised that almost nobody figured out what they wanted to do next…until they got there!

And i think this is probably why people end up mediocre. It’s not necessarily because they’re unskilled or not knowledgeable. They’re just not proactive about finding out what their skills are, nor about refining them, nor about showcasing them to the world.

And that’s why, in the Super Traffic Machine, we focus first on finding your strengths, your competencies.

Because i believe you’ll have an advantage at selling if you work with your strengths, rather than fighting an uphill fight, you haven’t got a chance in hell of winning.

It is my firm belief that if you work with the things you’re good at, you’ll automatically resonate with people who trust you…and who’ll spend money with you.

They’ll buy from you because you know them and their problems. They’ll buy from you because your perspective is informed and knowledgeable and you have conviction in all you say and do.

Let’s help you refine your strengths into an internet business in which you’ll enjoy yourself and make money BECAUSE you’re good.

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