Feeling Like An Imposter?

Got this question a while back…i’ve included it unedited because i figure you’ll be able to identify with this feller:


“Hi Jim,

I really only have one more question or concern. I’ll be blunt – I’ve wasted five figures of money in the last ten years buying into courses and coaching. Some of it was good, the majority was the same old mass market stuff that gurus recycle and package to look different and better (for a $2495 price tag, among others…LOL).

So – I am willing to accept a physical package once a month even though I am a confirmed digital enthusiast. I am not old school but I see the value in your intent here. My concern with physical books on the subject of digital marketing is obsolescence – information changes and you have all these printed books. I’m sure you have that covered somehow though.

Because of all the money I’ve wasted, I work ten times harder now to check out anything I invest in. I check the creator(s). I Google for history, bad reviews, good reviews, everything.

I feel like you are legit, as you have been around a while and I remember your name from way back. What I can’t find much of in Google is….information about you and Yaghi Labs. Not seeing very many reviews or comments about your courses, the ones I see are from affiliates who are selling it. I’ve read through most of your list emails and I feel you are the real deal. I get the feeling that most of your work is with private clients thus the lack of Google evidence from mass market reviews.

What I am missing is that third party evidence…like great reviews or comments from people I know are real. It just isn’t there that I can find. I realize some of the most successful teachers on the planet stay very low key and provide lots of value, in which case they don’t get a lot of publicity but have lots of very happy students and customers. That is most likely you.

It is this last step that I am trying to get through. I consider this to be a $1600 investment + some beyond that most likely just for your training. I am taking it deadly seriously

My objective is to master the skills of affiliate marketing so I can always write my own ticket and print my own money. So to speak. I will have a regular job plus side income to support this during the 8 month learning curve.”


It’s a nice flattering email, thank you. I mean he said some nice things and he clearly thought highly of me already and was giving me the benefit of the doubt which i’m grateful for.

But it makes you also wonder about why this might be.

He’s right, my clients are few and exclusive. I choose them carefully and keep just enough of a load to maintain sharp skills and to have real experiences to share and pull case studies from when i write training manuals. I’m constantly learning new things in ALL sorts of areas while working on various parts of my business…and while the stuff isn’t always strictly “internet marketing”, i get so excited about what i learn and how useful it is to me, that i often share it with my internet marketer subscribers.

True, I don’t have many people talking about me online. There are two main reasons:

(1) i don’t have an affiliate program to offer, which is where most motivation for online reviews come from. (i once released a course YEARS ago under a different brand that made all the money from its sale, i had no ownership in it, and they had an affiliate program — most of the reviews you’ll find about me are from THEIR customers).

(2) I don’t promote products as a “joint venture partner” because i find all the stuff other marketers release is so god awful i dont want to subject my subscribers to it. So you won’t see any reciprocation from other marketers.

The closest thing i have to a “review” or a “testimonial” is personal thank you notes, in a by-the-way conversation while serving a customer support request. Sometimes my students show me their work proudly, which they accomplished due to the material they read from me.

While such notes stroke my ego nicely, i’m a bit lazy/busy to dig them up and compile them in one place where i can use them to seduce you with the ole “social proof” trick into buying my scummy course.

It also feels a bit crass sometimes to dig up a personal note and glean from it just the part that praises my product, just to show off.

Don’t take my word for ANY of this…hell, I wouldn’t either!

To know if i’m legit, you’re going to have to do some due diligence. Read my emails and see for yourself if i seem like someone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two…or not.

Usually people who know nothing can’t give you specifics.

Go back a few emails to one of my least popular messages to date, the one in which i talked about quality score, for instance. For a traffic-seeking bunch of internet marketers, funny how unpopular it is when i actually get into the nitty gritty of the subject matter on which i am an authority.

People fake testimonials all the time–but it’s impossible to convincingly fake getting into detailed depth in writing about a topic in which you have no knowledge, skill, or experience.


Even if you pulled it off once, it’s impossible to keep up such a facade constantly when you’re writing a daily message about your subject matter, releasing a daily video on your subject matter, producing a new training course AND a book, EVERY MONTH on your subject matter.

Sorta like that ole girl you saw on a date here and there…beautiful, perfect in every way. But try living with her and see if she’s still as beautiful and perfect. All the skeletons in her closet are out and she isn’t even interested in hiding them any more.

The question is, can i help YOU?

Maybe. But that’s for you to decide, not me. And if someone else had a good experience with me, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will too.

Which is why i teach my students in the Super Traffic Machine how to choose a line of affiliate business in which they have authority and knowledge. So they can put their money where their mouth is and speak with confidence and competence in detail and at depth, consistently, anywhere, any time.

When you do this, you don’t have to fake ANYTHING. You don’t even have to use any tricks to convince people to like you. In fact, some people will buy from you WITHOUT liking you and without you liking them!

And hey, how good would it feel to, at last, not feel like a fraud and an imposter all the time…trying to fake it until you make it…to actually make your money clean…selling knowledge you actually know something about?

Think you don’t have anything worth sharing? I bet you, if you can hold down a job, a relationship, or even a hobby you’ve been at for years…you know something worth sharing. And i’ll help you find it.

Super Traffic Machine teaches you every step of building an internet business. And i’m there to support you every step of the way. As a colleague recently said to me, “People would be CRAZY to go up against you on product…but even if they did, NOBODY can out support you.”

Here’s where you go to finish off this conversation…in my classroom 🙂


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